Everything is new

This forum seems to be a great place, inviting and helpful. Especially to somebody like me who tends to keep everything private and out of the light away from others. I look forward to any advise that any of you would be willing to share.

I want to say all of this is something new for me. The discovery of E.A and his work and Dante Abiel and his work happened for me earlier this year and I was immediately intrigued. I have been always been drawn to the mysteries of the occult but never chose to take part in practice, until now.

I have spent hours upon hours of reading, listening to interviews, watching E.A.'s interview series and meditating all in preparation to begin my journey. I have built the will and the courage to move forward and recently started with basic candle magic. I continue studying and now want to ask questions and engage in open dialogue as I move forward in my Ascent.