Everyone Needs to Click on This (Very Important)

Do I want others to tell me how to live my life…? Nope… Especially a weird guy in the youtube… Everything is important in life, yes, even movies and porn and video games. Do what feels ok with you, not what others wants you to do.


Is “Checking out clickbait titled threads” on that list? :smiley:



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SMH @ clickbait :eyes::woman_facepalming:


Now are the spirits leading me to this or is it just some random man?

If you don’t like what it says then ignore it, but I know when I saw this video it described me and I know it will describe others as well. Some will take this advice and know it was meant for them and others will ignore it because they want to call continue there life the way it is. After petitioning to astaroth within 24 hours this video showed up on YouTube and I had never heard of this guy. So this is a video was a sign to me and I hope it can help others as well

No, I won’t ignore it when you use a clickbait title. “Everyone needs to click on this (very importand)” then you simply throw a video… Copy what you just answered me on your first post so everyone knows what is it about, then I’ll ignore it.