Everyone knows my thoughts?

I am starting to believe that my close friends, co-workers, and family know my thoughts and actions.
Am I in a television program? Am I a live example of a tested human life? Is there a chip in my brain? Or am I actually going crazy??
I live in a house close to a child development medical facility where I feel like I am being cared for and monitored by friends and people. I have a family friend who lives around here and I saw her the day after I got out of jail in the Hospital. And she works at a hospital and I hadn’t seen her for 6 years. I think one of my roommates is a real doctor who writes down logs about my progress
is this even possible or I am just confused?


I don’t think you’re in a TV Programme and I really doubt anyone is testing you. It will all be alright :heart:

Sometimes our thoughts are just predictable and all those of us who practice Magick feel a little mad at times.


It has happened around 200-300 times, the thing that i am thinking about, people start to talk exactly the same thing, how can this be coincidence, is it possible someone put a spell on me so this is happening?

Why don’t you ask your friends and family if there is something they’d like to discuss with you. Your paranoia may be a mental condition that you might need to address before it gets out of hand.


Sounds like you’re going a bit mad. I suggest you take a break from magic and seek professional help.
Don’t suppose you’ve ever seen the Truman show ?


so this is just the side effect of using magick, could be your right… am feeling a bit low and mad at times


It’s less that it’s a side effect, more that magic can make underlying mental health problems much worse


To an extent yes. We all probably go a little crazy now and then. It’s a drawback of Witchcraft since we’ll you’ve stripped yourself of all Limits. That’s why it’s important to avoid casting all the time and to enjoy the Mundane world.


Before you start diagnosing yourself as cray cray, remember the saying:

‘When you do weird shit, weird shit happens’ -Lady Eva

So maybe test it out a bit - maybe the next time a bunch of your friends are in the room, discreetly start to think about them all taking off their clothes and starting an improptu orgy ‘Perfume’ style… lol

Don’t forget to post your results on Balg :wink:

Definitely maybe… :thinking:

Or alternatively, imagine them giving you money. And if THAT works, thank your lucky stars for your new found magickal ability to plant thoughts into people’s heads and go out there and get laid and paid, babe :sunglasses:


That was such a relaxing and positive message! Thanks @GaiasGirl will definitely try this out especially the orgy one :wink: and post results soon, btw do u think one could develop the ability to plant thoughts in other peoples head?

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A good way to start is to try to think back to all the times when it happened and look for common occurences - yes they seem to read your mind but as you were thinking these thoughts, did you notice any physical feelings? Tingling perhaps? Is it a certain mindset you have to be in? Do you have to be in a relaxed mind state when it happens or is it mostly when you’re emotional? Because it could also be that you’re the type that wears their heart on their sleeves so it’s easy to read your emotions and therefore it seems like people can ‘read your mind’ when really you’re just an open book…

The point is, you’ll want to observe what is going on so that you can then replicate it. Once you know the formula, you can then learn how to turn it on and off and thus a starting point as to how to control it…

Actually, this is the best approach that I have found so far as to how to learn to control innate abilities that seem to only come sporadically or if you feel like you don’t know how to ‘turn it on and off’.

Find the ‘on’ button. Meditate. Reflect. It’ll come to you. If you feel like you’re getting lost, bring your focus back to your heart…

*Protip - it’s easier to access your higher self via your heart rather than through your mind :wink:


Don’t worry, this seems to be a natural effect of regularly practicing magick. The people and circumstances around you will become a giant mass of synchronicity, where you’ll do a ritual for something or to discover something about yourself and then it seems like everyone and everything is talking about it or giving you answers.

What’s actually happening here is that you’ve become so connected to magick and the spirits, that they will always be present in your life, changing things around you to guide you on the best path towards your goals. The results of this can get rather uncanny, especially when you really start to notice them each and every day, with such accuracy and consistency that you swear these people must be spying on you or something.

Fortunately, that is not the case. Rather, you have simply become more aware of the universe-creation process you are constantly a part of, and you are becoming more involved in that process, though you may not realize it at first.

Someone else who is “switched-on” may be able to notice your synchronicities and realize what’s going on, but unless you spend a lot of time around other magicians or what-have-you you are unlikely to encounter this. These events and things people say may be highly meaningful to you, but I would wager that the way you interpret these things is highly subjective and specific to you, so I wouldn’t worry about it. If you can learn to embrace it, in-fact, you’ll find that reality always finds a way to guide you to what you desire.


No. You aren’t nuts. This ‘reality’ is super fake with its white sun, npcs humans, and its sped up time.

I know someone is reading our minds when Google ads are giving me ads all of the time to random things I only think in my head. I didn’t research them online, have them in real life, just simply ‘thinking’ something is enough to trigger it. I had it confirmed when scrolling on Facebook when someone posted meme about it.

My advice is just go with it. I am trying not ‘think’ about it. Relax. Go with the flow. This timeline as like less then 12 years anyways. That’s what the news says.


I say with with nothing but kindness, but see a Dr. You could be starting with a psychosis or Schizophrenia or one of a good few other things medical or psychological.

There is no shame in this, just get some help. xx


Its real most people are uneducated and unexperienced about the differences of Telepathy, Synthetic Telepathy vs the natural energized thoughts that surface between ones own mind and the collective psychic unconscious.

If you have ever submersed yourself in these things for years it will teach you to naturally sort out your psychic sensitivities and gain a natural unconscious recognition of them. This will teach you to a greater degree not just what is real but why it is real or fictional.