Ever watched one of Koetting's videos while under the influence of a psychedelic?

I was tripping pretty damn hard the other night and decided to listen/watch EA Koetting’s video “The Black Alchemy of Belial”.

I had never watched one of his videos while on a psychedelic drug, but I was feeling very powerful and decided to seek some guidance on youtube that might help me decide how to use the energy I was aware of/in possession of…

It was a really intense experience. On his left, where he has his bones and cleaver hanging on the wall, I saw a hooded entity. It was there, as real as you and I… The figure was like Death/The Grim Reaper… Holding something in his hand, dangling it over Koetting. The being itself also was a doorway/portal/gateway to a realm of the dead and the dark… It was intense.

To his right, in the black mirror, I saw the image of gateways within gateways, portals within portals… Like when you take a camera and face it to a screen that is streaming the video footage that you’re capturing on the camera… A mirror within a mirror within a mirror… and on for infinity.

Koetting himself, sitting in between these two gateways became a bridge between the portals. But, him being the central connection between the two gateways, he became the third realm. Here, I realized that when he speaks of Gatekeepers, he is also speaking of himself. In my psychedelic mind, looking him straight in the face and listening to his words as if he was speaking directly to me in the same room, his words indicated that we were in a special place, and are of a special sort of breed. The Gatekeepers. Able to see, communicate with, and travel through many different gates, doorways, and portals to other worlds with other beings, but also the guardians and creators of our own gates, into our own worlds…

When I saw him in ritual, with the smoke, in front of the black mirror, I saw an entity in armor made of metal and bone, as black as the void itself, and as royal as the purple used to frame the black mirror…

This whole experience sent me into a very beautiful, powerful, and dark trip. Just witnessing the video made my open and closed eye visuals skyrocket in terms of their intensity…

I’ll post the video I watched at the end of this post. I’m curious to see your online psychedelic experiences during your own research/work… Or any psychedelic experience tied into your practice at all. Please share. :slight_smile: <3


I didn’t take any psychedelics but I also saw some weird stuff in that video, and secondly, the one he did recently in the land he’s just bought, I wasn’t intentionally scrying so it was pretty strong to cross over into normal sight.

Some really heavy stuff going on right now across the planes. :thinking:


( also, I am working tonight preparing and cleansing my space to work with Belial now. )

I agree. Very heavy, intense stuff happening. I was wallowing in despair for a long time, but I’ve decided stop being a victim and to regain/take hold of the reins in my life again. Honestly, a lot of upheaval and destruction in my life lately feels like Belial. I was overwhelmed honestly and felt like I was drowning everyday.

But tonight I’m cleaning. Cleansing. Charging. Dedicating this new space I am in to my work with Belial, and the work we’ll be doing together.


New Moon & Mercury goes direct end of this week/start of next: details here, in case that’s relevant to your plans.

That was a good read, always interesting to read somneone laying out their perceptions on a thing like this. :+1:


Thank you for the reminder! I will definitely use that information/energy in my work…

Honestly, my perception is my most used and most powerful tool… I operate heavily on intuition and my open minded and willful surrender to experience… A lot of the time, I throw myself into the unknown, liberating me from “myself” and letting the current pull me into these moments of clarity, power, and insight… My work, spiritual or not, is always guided by a sort of wave or force of inspiration that guides me towards new and illuminating things… It’s like I am all knowing and omnipotent, confident in my understanding that I manifest every moment that I arrive at… but at the same time, I am the epitome of The Fool. It’s strange… I hope that makes sense.

I love sharing my experiences on this forum because other than a small group/coven I am a part of, I don’t get to share my moments with anyone very often. And, since these experiences make up the majority of who I am, I don’t share very much of myself with people anymore. So its nice to be appreciated. Thanks <3