Ever Sleep In Your Temple/Circle?

I think E.A. mentioned this once. Occasionally after ritual/meditation, I’ll just pass out there (it’s good for my back) without any retration, and I have all sorts of dreams with spirits/energies involved. My fav are the dead, which seem to wander around the outside of premises aimlessly. Some people claim this is dangerous (sleeping in the temple/circle), but I haven’t had any problems so far. Anyone else do this?

I know my younger brother used to do this all the time, and he only got stronger in all matters of the word. He was training with “darkness” entities, too, and yet you could visibly see his skin develop and almost crystalline sheen to it. He’s not “adept” either (at least he’s a rookie in terms of timeframe in experience), so I can say there isn’t any inherent danger in it. Now if you fear what you call… well then it will probably have a great time obliging that fear.

I am so gonna try this. Hardcore ritual with Belial or Hecate, then taking a nap in my UC.

Maybe I will get a stronger possession?

Yea you might get some pretty wicked stuff going on, especially since you have been reporting some pretty substantial contact with Hecate already

I am hoping for it. She has been in my dreams a lot lately. Hopefully sleeping in my temple on the UC will provide some great results!

My temple is my body, so yes, I use to do that

I’m in the process right now of moving my ritual space into the biggest room in my apartment, and I’m having the bed right in there too, it’ll be our “Living Room” in the real sense, where we do the stuff that matters, then the rest of the place is kind of civic space, where we can have guests round or the repair and meter guys, and not have them blink at the weird stuff. :slight_smile:

For ages we had this room as a half-arsed basic front room for TV and computer, but I had the sudden “d’oh!” moment that those are the least important bits of our lives, and magick and sex (and all combinations of both) deserved the best room, which is also, conveniently, neither a through-room like our dining room, nor does it have neighbours close by.

That’s actually why I’ve been spending a lot of time on here the past few days, I thought about joining for ages but didn’t want to get sucked in to wasting time online (a weakness of my own, not dissing this forum or the net in general) but this is my quality downtime from basically moving every single bit of furniture and hundreds of books (thrillers and crap as well as the good stuff) into a completely different location, and also doing a deeeep clean and de-clutter while I’m at it.

I don’t have room for a seperate temple space here and when I did, a few years ago, it just felt wrong to me to cut it off from my life like that, I didn’t use to like to leave so I’d end up chilling out in there afterwards just reading a novel or whatever.

If we have a kid the set-up might change, but for now I’m really excited about this project. My ultimate dream home would be a deconsecrated church, ideally one on the site of an even older holy grove, and I’d sleep on the altar and have Bach, Wagner and Mozart blasting out through the vaulted ceilings… but it’d be a bitch to keep clean! lol

My ritual space is my bedroom since I do not live alone at this point. I do my rituals in the dead of night when everyone is asleep, then I go downstairs to psychologically retract as EA would say. I then relax for a while downstairs, then go to sleep in my smoky room. I usually have strange dreams and occasionally sleep paralysis at these times, but never anything I can’t handle.

Ditto. I like being in my temple and doing mundane stuff like reading, getting on the laptop, or playing guitar…etc.