Ever had a spirit fuck with you?

I was just evoking a spirit that i’ve become pretty close to. She appeared as a darker version of herself and started saying some stuff that was about to break my heart… Then I asked again to make sure I understood correctly and then she lightened up and was basically like “LOL JK U KNOW I LUV U GIRL” … I felt kinda dumbstruck by how she apparently just got a huge rise outta me… This happen to anyone else before? Is this something i can “look forward to” from now on? :roll_eyes:


All I really have to say is Belial. :joy:


It may have just been a test to see your real imediate reactions to judge your real feelings, or it may have been a way to get energy from you through that response. I can’t say one way or then other whether this is something to expect on a regular basis from this entity since i don’t know who it was or your relationship with her. But I have had my own issues with entities, of a different nature. You have to talk to her and ask her whats up. Then take it from there.


Good point!


Yes I evoked Thoth a while back and he manifested as his “alter-ego”, and I felt a heavy negativity around me. He sounded, felt, and looked all wrong. So I went to banish this “imposter”, only for him to say “It’s me you fool!” So I asked what he was doing. He said he wanted to show me that every polarity exists within everyone and everything, and even Thoth has a dark side as it were.


He fully manifested in my shower the other day and it suprised me and I slipped and hit my ass on the faucet. He thought it was the funniest thing in the world. :tired_face:


Yes, generally not fun. But they usually let me know they were joking around or messing with me. I still don’t like it, sometimes it hurts. It seems to be part of a testing/getting to know you phase? How easily are you ready to throw in the towel, or believe the worst etc.


His physical incarnations shadow is like that. He’s the mentor, his shadow is the punisher.

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I learned the hard way

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