Ever curse a pastor, priest, or religious official?

Have any of you ever had to curse a pastor, priest, or religious enforcer? If so, what kind of curse? What were the results?

Nope :-1: but if I ever did.
I would give the Pastor a choice do you Believe that I can Curse you pastor? No I do not you have no power over me. Me: okay :ok_hand: we’ll see about that, How’s tonight I can it to when I get home. Pastor: Sure go ahead I don’t care I don’t Fear you I don’t believe in magick your Crazy.
me: okay :ok_hand: I’ll be heading home now!

But in all honesty I wouldn’t ever curse a pastor, I would tell him I’m going to vampirize his energy and to tell me the difference in energy well being after I am done with the Task at hand :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Hmmm that would be a loss of time as because they usually have a wall of energy that first must be penetrated at it depends but it takes time :thinking: at least in the case of the targets who really believe in magic and miracles

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They have a wall of energy?

Some people have natural shielding but most if not all shielding can be bypassed without breaking through them.

Actually, the closest to this I have done was curse the sanctuary of the church itself I used to attend instead of the pastor. After witnessing a physical beating of a gay minor from the youth group and saw the parents brushing it off as “kids being kids”, i had walked up to each of the four wooden pillars of pillars within the sanctuary and placed my forehead on each. Invoking the anger of the events, i whispered to the wood to “make those who enter this space see what is denied” to each one, bringing up my anger with each word. Shortly afterwards, i left that church and over the years they have been struggling with attendance from what I have heard.


Was your curse so powerful, because you had good reasons?
I know you can curse anyone w/o reason, but I feel that they are especially powerful if there is good reason.

Going to daily masses and such creates a protective barrier around one or something. I don’t know exactly what’s happening; I just know there is something as they are more protected against parasites and such. Perhaps the barrier doesn’t even matter if it’s a human being doing the curse, though?

I think it can play a role. A solid reason for the individual to do these kind of workings can bring not only brings a large amount of emotion (which can fuel the working) but also eliminates an room for regret (which can cause a curse to backfire). From there, it is just a matter of how focused is your will as well as the target’s defenses.

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Yes I have. I had to work for one and he hated me. To this day I have no idea why? He actually got me fired from my job after being there for 20 years. I accidentally overslept that morning. But I went on in hoping for the best. But before I went in I said my prayers and then called upon Elubatel and I asked for three things. I asked to be able to keep my job, I asked for him to expose my boss, and I asked for him to move my boss away from me. I went on in to work at 10:00 and at 10:15 they walked me out of the building. I was jobless after 20 years. So I came on home and that evening at 5:00 my phone rang. It was HR from work. The plant manager himself had looked into things and he seen where I had been written up for stuff by my boss that others hadn’t been written up for. So they gave me vacation for that day, my boss had been exposed and got a major ass chewing from the plant manager the next day and he had to walk on eggshells shells around me after that, two weeks after that he was demoted and moved into another building. I don’t even see him anymore. So Elubatel came thru on all three things that I asked for. Previously to that I had did the Astral Bomb ritual in NAP on him. I don’t know everything that happened to him during that time but I do know his son commited suicide.

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not really a ‘good reason’ but a firm reason as in something you truly feel like doing and you’re firm in your resolve to do it.


Personally I think Elubatel is great for knocking down crooked preachers. Who better than one of the angels of omnipotence?

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To curse the sanctuary is a far better tactic than to curse the preacher himself. I remember going to a church and finding a romantic interest. She lied to me about feelings towards me and i cursed her internally. Since the last time I saw her, she was rumored to have been cheated on by the guy she passed me up for, got involved with drugs, and is currently in prison. Now granted she is not a pastor or preacher, she was a motivational factor for me going to that church. Internal meditations bring about power that we cannot even begin to understand. Go into the church, meditate on what you want to happen, and let your darkest innermost demons or dark energy take care of the rest.

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Why not Rabbis?

I don’t see why not blitz Rabbis. Rabbi is merely another term for a pastor or priest anyway.

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Yes. I ended up shaking the foundation of his life.

This was back in high school and he ran a home for kids who were wards of the state, meaning they were basically homeless. He was mistreating this kid because he was a LaVeyan Satanist and not Christian.

Me being me, I had a problem with that and I got involved, because I was already on a war path and vengeance streak and didn’t really care who got hurt and didn’t mind helping someone else get their revenge. So I did some hoodoo style magick mixed with demonic magick.

He wrecked his car and killed somebody in the process, lost his business, lost his church, lost his car and his peace of mind. The kid said ever since he killed the guy it ate him alive. Haven’t heard from either one since.

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It’s interesting how this is one of the first threads I saw on the feed when I just finished watching “The Keepers” on Netflix lol. Anyway.

I did back in my high school days, but was not aware I did then. The youth pastor made inappropriate (sexual) advances + the church outcasted me later on to preserve their image. Of course, I was filled with all these intense emotions and I remember calmly (but madly—being so mad you’re calm if it makes any sense) repeating and visualizing to myself over and over again that justice will be served.

Years later, I found out that the church was no longer there due to financial difficulties, lots of members just left the church, the youth pastor was exposed and more (he also experienced a series of misfortunes, from work to family life, etc,). Most recently, during my college days, old members from that church tried to find me “to apologize, make amends” and all that but I declined and disappeared for good.

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It can make it more powerful if it evokes strong emotion, since for many spells emotion can give the magick immense power.


They count as religious officials as the question asks. Have you had to take magickal measures against a rabbi?