Ever been to Sunday School

So as a kid, I hated going to church. Dressing in stuffy outfits, having older people fawn over me, sitting for 2 or 3 hours as the pastor would tell us what to think, waiting 45 minutes as my parents talked to others, then being dragged to hours and hours of errands.

There weren’t that many kids my age either. There was this one kid in my class, but we didn’t have as much in common. One thing I hated was studying for, and attending, Sunday school. Most kids hate doing homework. So what’s more annoying than homework that has nothing to do with your grades and all about getting on the good side of some god that may or may not exist?

I was also into things like Yugioh, Magic the gathering, and basically anything related to magic or fantasy. All of which other church parents said wasn’t good for me. Now a days, I’d point out the cruelties and barbarism committed in the bible by both God and his followers. Ash Ketchum or Yugi Moto make for better role models then him.

So hours of my day stolen from me just to go to a building where I’m told I’m going to Hell. Church was like some brainwashing thing where you were falsely called special at one moment and then judged for your individuality.


Your officially my favorite person in this whole fucking world mate. Legit everything you said is how I think and View Christianity. Like it took away hours upon hours of your life growing up it took away things from me too. Funny thing is im still growing and living in a christian household. Christianity forces you to conform and be what their dogmatic bible and god wants us to be. We are told to reject things in this life that makes us happy. To be someone we are not. Hell I played video games and nearly every christian i found myself coming into contact with told me it was “demonic”.


This is how it was for me

Greetings brother im a gamer and a mage i lovw my demons treat them well and with respect and they will do the same ,christiam judge what they dont understand ignorance is not a excuse mate peace love grattidude

I adore that song. Pretty much sums it up doesn’t it?

Exactly. You go to Church, sing hymns, listen to the pastor/preacher/priest, sit down again, stand up and repeat the same thing. You’re expected to pray and it just goes on and on and on

Yep, I remember being dragged to that bullcrap too…and you can’t really do much because you don’t have a tonne of cash sitting in a bank where you can easily say, fuck this I’m out. If I knew Magick back then, I might’ve. A lot of parents use that financial control they have over their kids to indoctrinate them into bullcrap. Sad

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You know, what you described, you make it sound somewhat abusive. Hell, you made a very interesting point.

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I went only for 1 day to be able to join the trip the very next day. :woman_shrugging: