Etheric Dark Angel wings

I want wings but I don’t want angelic wings
I want Dark angel Wings.

Make sure you read the article
So you know what Etheric angel wings are!
What demon or Dark angel can help me get Dark angel wings?

I’ve read the article I know it says blocks out negative energy I do not want to block out negative energy I enjoy Dark energy

I wouldn’t trust Amino, while anyone can make energetic wings, this is more on the new age side of things. Etheric angel wings don’t represent that, they represent just wings. This is like saying a persons’ finger represents the stars. Angels have wings similar to various birds, a angel focused on healing often have wings like that of a dove, or warrior angels like Michael and such wings resemble some form of bird of prey.


So all I have to do is meditate on developing Dark Angel wings and they will get created?

No it’s energy work and they won’t be real wings. They’ll be constructs of wings or energy form of wings extended from you.

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What about demon horns?
Can I meditate To develop energy form of demon horns?

yep, but it’s not just meditation, it’s actual energy work. Meditation is used to silence the mind and focus it’s not going to do anything besides that.


There’s a fine line between negative energy and dark energy and unless you know how to transmute it, I do not recommend inviting that energy in your life.

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I did develop horns and black wings on my spirit body when trying to soul travel. While traversing the qlipoth I create black wings to fly.

I enjoy that Dark energy to consume myself in
It’s not dangerous as long as I rehydrate my body have balance
I do understand the Dark Demonic energy changes me spiritually changes my spirit
I am aware of some Of the gifts I receive since working with demonic energy I do not fully understand the gifts I receive but in time I will come to understand what my Dark Gifts are

This is something I discuss with every hindu. Negative and Dark energy can overlap but they are different.

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I don’t understand the whole Dark Demonic energy of it. But I do understand
how it affects me somewhat not completely.
But good enough. I’ve noticed with my progress of working with Demonic energy
Flies tend to chill with me Flies are drawn to me

I usually describe dark energy as the night sky and negative energy as a vibration that’s not too pleasant…

Yeah flies are also following me when I’m into demonic pathworking. They experience the darker aspects of life which are just as valid and can be learnt.

Do you have any resources I could read up on about flies following me chilling with me

I dont think there’s much. Most of it is newage and stuff.

Great. Now I’ll spent three months trying to figure out how to make a nice pair of crow wings.

Damn it, Vel!

But thanks for the data :wink:

negative energy can overlap into any energy, negative energy is something mostly based on the state of mind towards energy. Dark energy itself is an elemental energy that usually can consume and fuck with the mind of the weak willed, some are born with dark energy, some can go to beings like Nyx, Erebus, Kauket , etc and integrate their flavor of dark energy into them. However, someone weak willed shouldn’t integrate themselves with any external energy as some energies can consume the individual and warp their mind a good bit.

Nyx and Erebus energy is very corruptive to weak willed individuals, just as Yahweh’s energy can promote a “holier than thou” personality to those weak willed to a point of detriment, same as the Dagda’s energy can give someone a false sense of inflated ego if consumed by it the list can go on tbh. Never let an energy just consume you, it may sound cool and edgy lol but in the end your mind may face the issues from it.

Yeah the negative energy and dark energy I receive destroys my ego I like that because I usually don’t Ever assume

Actually maybe you can help with this!
Have you ever heard of a Dark spirit Wrapping Darkness around my legs and feet it felt good it took the physical pain away I had my feet have been hurting but it also couldn’t feel my physical body I felt energy I felt my spirit I didn’t feel my skin

I think something changed within me after that maybe I’m not sure

It can’t destroy the ego, the ego is your personality, if you did not have a personality you wouldn’t be here talking the way you talk. I think you’re misunderstanding what it actually is doing to you, I suggest you get a scan and not follow that train of thought ego is also sometimes synonymous with the soul depending on which definition you follow. Negative energy can do a lot of things break down your energy body, mess up your mind, and many other things but not remove something that you clearly have now.

Any dark energy being can do that, some do it to feed and the lack of pain is similar to an energetic anesthesia or to heal. However, it’s too general based on just words alone.

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