Establish Anarchy?

I’m really really wanting to establish anarchist communism in the world. I want to create a stateless, community run, anarchist zone with the absence of private property, respect for personal prpperty, and a gift economy, like anarchy with native american economics. I want biweekly voluntary gatherings based on issues posted on the billboard and voluntarily voted on, then settled via consensus. I want the rules decided upon to be enforced by the community, because breaking them will literally be breaking your own rule. I want voluntary rehabilitation, and exile. If an individual breaks a rule, they can choose to get help or leave. I want professionals in sociology and psychology to aid in rehabilitation. The rehabilitation center will be entirely voluntary, but reentering the community will depend on completing the rehabilitation.

Which spirits will aid in the creating and permanence of this sort of zone?

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I recommend George Orwell, Animal Farm. After that read anything (and I mean physical books) by the late Prof. Murray Newton Rothbard. I’m a Free Market Anarchist/Anarcho-Capitalist.


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I mean, I’d agree, but in capitalism, corporations and monopolies replace the government. It depends on if those with money are benevolent or not.

The system I am describing is capable of many things. Peace and war are two of them.
When did I say participation was mandatory? The only bloodshed would be for our rights.

Polite reminder - working threads are not referendums, cheers folks! :thumbsup:

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I got into anarchy via natural law, property rights and the non-aggression axiom. Murray Newton Rothbard converted me. I strove for liberty and was destroyed. The people I fought for didn’t care. I turned nasty and very effective.

‘The lord is my shepherd’…and like all good shepherds he will lead me to the slaughterhouse…eventually…
I’m just working as an Usher using law, politics, black propaganda, disarranged thought-forms and jarringly simple, emotionally programmed responses to reinforce - then paradigm shift. So far, real good!


Why not strive for freedom for yourself, and no one else?

That’s all that’s left and all that matters.


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I see. But why take others’ freedom for personal gain? Why go so far?

Because deep down, at least on a subconscious level, sheeple instinctively recognise what they are. When you recognise what they are you can learn how to manipulate them. I serve up cold, self-perpetuating revenge on a colossal economic scale because that’s what the fuckers want – good and hard!

Anyway, suckers are a dime a dozen on the hoof, so why not have fun? And when they die you never feel any intellectual vacuum, do you? There’s an inexhaustible supply.

My Magickal motto should be You fuck with me – I fuck with you! I can also give off that vibe to others.

Finally, George Orwell said, “Rich people are poor people with money.”



Private property is used to exploit others without that property, like offices, farmland, stores, factories, etc

Personal property is property you own, use, and don’t exploit others with.

O.K. I’m a doctrinaire, uncompromising, you-can-get-fucked, Free Market Anarchist! I hate nation states - all of them. I also hate all races. I want private: currencies, police, justice systems, fire brigades, roads, streets, national parks, beaches, ocean reefs - everything private.

If we can pull off WWIII with some survivors they’ll have the very best chance of experiencing liberty and untrammelled freedom. And no price is too high to pay for freedom. No price.

And before you go posting about lighthouses, lighthouses were originally built as private, profit making ventures for widows and families of sailors drowned or lost at sea - to prevent that happening again; for a price.

I strongly counsel For A New Liberty by Murray Newton Rothbard. There is other material online. I also remember that the Berlin Wall wasn’t built to stop capitalist West Germans escaping to the Communist east.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter. We’re heading for safe and secure totalitarianism. Think about existing on a prison planet. See: The Road to Serfdom by Friedrich von Hayek.


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I see your points, but I’m not talking about marxist lenninism. I’m talking about a society without private property. They exist, internationally.