Essential Tip for Mysticism and Magick: YOU Are Not The Problem

A lot of times I see RHP mysticism talking about dissolving the ego and about how letting go is what you should do.

Letting go is a topic that comes up in magick too.

The one insight that I really have to share is that YOU are not the problem.

When you are trying to tap into a trance state or a meditative state, it’s not just telling yourself to let go. When you are doing that, you are giving into the illusion that you could have stepped in your own way. That you are the problem and that you have to try to let go.

I’ve done this, and all it did was feed that idea that I was the problem and that this other stuff that I’m trying to do is getting blocked by me.

That’s not exactly true. If the ego truly is an illusion, then it shouldn’t have anything to do with what you’re doing.

The real solution is to understand that it’s actually impossible to get in your own way, if you don’t “try” to let go, if you accept that you are fine, that you aren’t the problem, then there’s nothing preventing you from letting that trance state go deeper, the manifestation to go free, or for you to control anything in magick.

So what causes the problem? The problem is over-identifying with the way in which you do things and getting caught up in the energetic cycle of trying to let go of yourself. When you focus on those problems and think you’re getting blocked, you block yourself.

It’s exactly like that one comic strip of Green Lantern making himself blind because he thought he was blind. Therefore the Green Lantern ring manifested his blindness.

Don’t “let” go, ride the wave of magick as though you didn’t need to try to make it happen.

That’s all.

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