Escaping Reincarnation

This is ultimately my goal. As an old soul, I truly do not want to be in this physical world any longer, and I feel that it is a prison. I have my ideas thus far as to what happens in this regard. I used to have some very anti-cosmic beliefs until I realized that these were limited in their perspective and very largely dogmatic. I still resonate with the chaos even if I must admit to myself I can’t ascribe to it as I did before. I do, however retain a gnostic perspective with a Satanic and Luciferian bent, but it is complicated. I have been shown that the reality is far more complex than I had thought.

What are thoughts on this matter, of escaping reincarnation?


Gotta smash god and take the throne or something.

What’s the choices?

  1. Get tricked or bored and reincarnate? (Probably Lethe watered too so meh!)

  2. Get absorbed by god.

  3. Get destroyed by the noid… Er Void I mean.

  4. Bow through Jesus, Allah, w/e and prostrate subservience to god forever.

  5. Try the same shiz to cthonic deity of your choice or w/e

  6. Join the rebellion to fight god or w/e tyrant.

  7. Go feral and fight everything.

  8. Be a ghost and wander the physical world.

  9. Become a god yourself.

  10. Just wander the universe

  11. Establish a barrow or hold of your own in the after Death.

This + just leave your body and never come back. That is if you want a serious answer.


I’ve pondered this myself briefly. So I will ponder out loud now.

So we leave the matrix… then whaaat?

Become a god and then whaaat?

No chocolate
No making music
No netflix and chillin’ :scream:

What is there to really choose?

The best and most productive way to achieve this is by the means of having enough spiritual attainment. So in other words - do magick and black alchemy (in the spiritual terms of course), try to empower yourself by all means necessary, develop a healthy character and find your True Self. Of course, don’t be foolish when it comes to magick and spiritual alchemy and don’t go ahead and do the most hardcore things when you’ve just become a novice/beginner - otherwise you will only burn yourself.

Try to attain liberation through the path of knowledge/jnana. unless you realize that you are neither the body nor the mind/astral+mental body which reincarnates U won’t attain liberation.

Only way true liberation can attained is to realize that U were never the individual so U were neither bound nor do U need to be released.

If u want dissolution/nirvana U gotta work for it. There is no other way!

That to me is the RHP way. Surely we must have another solution besides dissolution on the LHP. Dissolution is exactly what we’re trying to avoid.

yea, that’s the rhp way and I am more of an RHP guy. OP himself said he wanted to get out of this hell hole as he is an old soul and had enough. And path of knowledge/jnana is best for that.

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There is the possibility that no matter what you choose nothing will come. The onmbiverse is older than us and as a whole be it sentient or not, it could just devour us up again. There may be no “true higher self.” In fact, those are terms I rather despise. There is no higher self than me right now. The higher self thought form is diminishing your potential by prostrating and saying… but that’s my true self. My more powerful self yet it’s separate from me atm until I ascend.” Just slap a bitch Jesus sticker or Lucifer on that idea or some other cultural practice akin.

As humans we get tired and want to rest… in death there may be NO rest as you have no body. It may drive spirits crazy at first or for ever. I say one has to fight the endless war alone because everything will try to diminish, trick, trap, bribe, and get you stuck to feed on your spirit so they don’t have to.

Fucking spirit bum hobos!

There is only one way to truly escape reincarnation and that is to achieve immortality, the fusion of the soul and spirit into one and mastery of both. In that way you become spiritually immortal and free of the binds of fate. Until then you might consider reincarnation on a different planet next time as you don’t have to come back as a human but with enough control can choose anywhere in all of reality to reincarnate too.

To escape reincarnation, ascend. Of course, it is said that some who have ascended choose to reincarnate for whatever reasons they may have. But to escape unwilled reincarnation. ascension is the only answer.

Aren’t spirits able to eat? I heard they can eat things like offerings from people.

nope. they just steal energy. But in the astral plane, they probably could. Just not in our world.