Eros god

Hello everyone. There are some enn for the Greek gods ? i m intrested in eros the greek god

It’s my understanding (which could be incorrect) that enns are from the modern demonolatry method and therefore have no exact parallel in any other method or path, just as, for example, the Greek and other classical gods don’t have sigils like the ones found in the grimoires.

There are probably other, better ways to contact Eros but that’s not my area of expertise - until someone who works personally with them can post, you could try gooling the words hellenic religion prayers and variations on that, see what other people on the internet who have studied and honoured them are saying.

This page opens with an English translation of the Orphic Hymn to Eros. This would have been used as both a summoning incantation and as a gift to the theos.

Yup, enns are for demonic magic. What you want are ancient Greek rituals and magic.

You might already know some ancient Greek beings. Some demons, before Judeo-Christianity came around, were previously known as ancient Greek gods. Since you’ve already started to learn demonic evocation, maybe it will help if you ask your demons for advice on this.