Eros and the Hebrew Angelic Pantheon

As we all know, the Abrahamic 'god' isn't really all that benevolent. However, his angels sure as hell do ROCK!!! I'm a major geek, so I started going to gatherings about ICS and electrical motors, listening to the speeches, participating in contests, and my end goal was to find someone to hopefully live my life with. So, before I ever started going to these gatherings, I contacted a couple of angels. I contacted Raphael, the angel of healing, as he is very powerful, although not necessarily my first choice in these instances. I just contact him every time I need help - he's not pointed me in the wrong direction once. Then, before I contacted the next being, I contacted Baphomet. He didn't answer me, so I contacted the next angel, Eistibus. I recalled ashtkerr mentioning this fantastic angel once or twice in his studies. I evoked her and she was very nice. I asked her about a few things, and then just waited. It was a very passive form of getting someone, at first. Asking the angels if she was the right one, was she taken, this, that and the other. I finally found someone, and asked her for her number. After asking a few basic questions (what do you do, what do you know, what do you want to know), I got her number, and went home and we've been in very close contact since. Just a couple nights ago I asked Eros if he would assist me in getting it to be official. He said sure. the next night she said she wanted to actually start getting serious, but in person. So THANK YOU EROS!!!! And Raphael, and most definitely Eistibus, for all her patience. Thanks!
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