Does the Lakshmi thing works ? Meditating on that ?

I tried the 108X mantra for a few months, nothing happened.

But I had ZERO prior knowledge/affiliation with her.

Not my culture, nor my ancestors culture.

Yes i guess the same will happen to me… just a feeling…

She does grant wealth but takes it back quickly. It’s not just chant this for one mala and win millions. Devotion is needed.

How would one devote to such entity ?

Best to start with some traditional sanatan dharma worship of her. Which would include her yantra, offerings, mantras, and prayers.

Can you please help on that…i am not asking you to do any kind of work for me, its just that… the only thing i really know is that mantra…nothing else…

I don’t even know to whom it relates! That is why i am asking :slight_smile:
Someone told me inside my mind, to breath in and breath out and while doing it to speak those words slowly…as if it was a mantra.