Ereshkigal, Queen of the Underworld

Here I’ll be posting about (or with) my Queen.




Her mythology, her stories, how to work with her… such things would be a good start.

Is she a good candidate for evoking for baneful magic? How are gods different from demons and angels?

Yes, she can be evoked for that and more.

As for how they’re different, it’s sort of a different kind of energy. Demonic is yin based whereas angelic is yang based. Ereshkigal is more demonic. Gods are just really powerful spirits who have different personalities they can assume. Although that sort of definition gets ignored/looked upon in shame here.


And thank you for reminding me this is up.

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Currently working with her partner Nergal, look forward to invoking her soon🖤

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Its was her and enki who gave us intelegents

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Nergal and I are pretty familiar with one another. Tell him I said hello.

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Will do :grin:


What battle does nergal want us to prepare for?

Why don’t you ask him?

I decided I would cover a topic here: Ancestral Empowerment and Veneration.

What is Ancestral Veneration? Stripped down, it’s basically honoring and working with your ancestors, typically by setting up some form of space for them, talking to them, giving offerings to them, etc.

People tend to shy away for a few reasons:

  1. They’re resting, so the first thought is, why bother them?

  2. Well, they’re Christian, so why would they care?

  3. Veneration denotes worshipping. Why do that?
    Here’s my response to each one:

  4. They actually want to be bothered. Primarily because it’s you. You are part and parcel their legacy, with their own vibration, DNA codes, energy, etc inside of you. They’re first and foremost interested in keeping the line going and generally truly to care about their descendants.

  5. This is false. They’re not all Christian. Everyone has Non-Christian Ancestors that are not only interested in keeping the lineage going but keeping the practice of their time alive. You don’t have to call upon specific Ancestors either, you can call upon them as a whole and they will respond. Again, you carry their blood and it was their choices that led up to you.

  6. You don’t have to get on your knees and pray/worship them. Having a nice picture of Grandma, pouring her tea and just talking to her is perfect. It’s not worship in the way everyone sees/thinks it.

The benefits of Ancestor Veneration are:

  1. They protect you when you’re under attack and don’t know you are. The best way I can describe it, is Soul Tribe. They protect and provide for their own. Especially when their own is providing for them. The more you honor them, the more they return the favor. I’ll get into this a bit more.

  2. They empower your magick.

  3. They will actually manifest something you need on your behalf without you asking for it.

Now here’s what I want to get to: Ancestral Empowerment. Funneling power into the dead to help them Ascend. Post mortem ascent, as it were.

What’s that: Post Mortem Empowerment/Ascent is where a deceased person gains power without being alive. People like Marie Laveau and others are a prime example of this.

The whole idea is making your Ancestors stronger than they already were. Why? Because it reflects back onto you. You essentially gain the same amount of power you funneled into them, as do your other loved ones.

They ascend with you, for lack of a better way of putting it, thus they can not only tackle messier situations, but more applicably assist in your evolution. Better to have a wall than to have a twig to defend yourself with.

Ereshkigal is perfect for all of these things. In fact, I would venture to say ideal to have around for this. There is power in your bones and blood, carved throughout the eons and she can help you tap into that.

I have. Only message I have received encountering him has been “Nergal. God of war. War God. Prepare for battle.” I read somewhere he finds English a “primitive language” and gets mad if called as if he doesn’t understand… so I’m tentative to try to call him as I would the others.