Erectile dysfunction curse?

Hello everyone!
I need your ideas about an erectile dysfunction curse. I decided this would be the best for my enemy as I was abused in many ways by him, this is going to be my “present” so he can “enjoy” his new girlfriend. Please guys I need your brainstorming and ideas to put together a very nice one!
Thank you!


Work with Naamah maybe and Min? Look into the children of Tiamat.

Curse him that he will never receive sexual fulfillment from anyone

Curse him that his seed be rendered infertile

Hell give him gonorrhea, so he’ll always have something to scratch at

Painful erections, premature ejaculation, get creative! Or better yet, leave some of it to the entities you’ll be calling on. you’ll be happy to know, that some of them have a really dark sense sense of humor. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what manifests.



Sorry if I got carried away there.

Just, please make him pay


To add a sympathetic element to the working, I would suggest tying a black cord tightly around a red taper candle.

Red corresponds to the root chakra where he will draw the sexual energy from.

The taper candle represents his erection.

Tying the black cord around the base represents the energy blockage you are placing there.

Light the candle and focus on his hardened erection.

Tie the black cord tightly around the thickest base of the candle, imagining the energy blockage damming up his sexual energy. Blow out the candle flame, extinguishing his sexual energy.

Hold the candle over a heat source, so the heat source melts the candle just above the black cord. Continue heating it until the head of the candle droops … just like you want his cock to do.

Hope it helps. And please remind me never to screw you over. :smiling_imp:


Kali, if approached in the appropriate fashion, could cut off his genitalia.


You guys are wonderful as usual! Thank you!


I’m dying. I literally looked this up because I just suggested it. @Virgowitch


I miss him so much, Virgo this is a great one here.



Thank you !!! Omg this is what I’ve been thinking of doing . This is what I needed !! :raised_hands::raised_hands::man_cartwheeling:t4::man_cartwheeling:t4::man_cartwheeling:t4::man_cartwheeling:t4:


Youre welcome have fun!


I know this is old but wondering if you have any updates.

I did a working on my ex a few years back. I took a dill pickle and sliced it open lengthwise, but not all the way through completely. Filled the pickle with alum to make his junk shrivel up tight, red pepper to make him burn, and I used one more ingredient that I can’t recall at the moment. I pinned the opening back together with 9 pins and put it in a pair of his underwear. I did all of this while focusing on him & my intentions. I soaked the undie wrapped pickle in vinegar to further sour his sex life then put it in a bag in the freezer.

In less than 2 weeks he told me he was having medical problems and was going to have a procedure. He didn’t say what though, but I had a hard time not laughing.

Valkarath, I was curious about your suggestion. Do you think an orange candle could be appropriate? I thought the sacral chakra was more responsible for the sex organs.


Forgot to give credit to the Cat Y hoodoo website for the pickle idea…


Cat Y is the shit!!! She gave me the idea of the carved out hollow cucumber in the freezer… Not a dill pickle though. I’m glad this worked for you. She’s a wealth of knowledge.

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Sorry to interrupt but what if im having trouble getting it up.? Please is there anyone can help me get it up again

@Sam30 maybe this thread can help. I’ll tag you in 2 other thread

I simply cursed my enemy with full force and authority, while I was inflamed with hatred and rage. It worked beautifully. Nothing else was needed.

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What if I build and burn an effigy of his penis out of paper?