Equivalent of SR for women?

PS I want to add that the types of sex and solo sex mentioned in the SR & no-fap (etc) threads are almost never the type actually intended to create babies, so it’s back to not being a life-critical need. :thinking:


Well yeah, at the individual level obviously. I was just referring to the need of the species to procreate, as for the species to not die out.

I agree though, not critical.

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Unless spiritual evolution is critical to not wiping ourselves out entirely?

Though there are other ways for spiritual growth… virtually every mythology involves some sex and creation and marriage of masculine and feminine

True, there are few celibate gods, but the oldest living tradition of metaphysics (rather than blind faith) we have is the Hindu tradition: in that, someone practicing celibacy would unite the male and female, ida & pingala, spinal currents, and merge them into the spine.

So it still draws upon masculine and feminine energy, but in a wholly different way.

Going back to the earlier comparison of semen as unused matrix, a woman arguably reaches a physical and energetic state comparable with semen retention when she reaches menopause, and is no longer shedding matrx energy which could create life.

This goes to the crone archetype, the one least beloved of all women (including trans women) and yet the one historically viewed as a source of wisdom, keeper of culture and knowledge, and possessor of magickal power. :thinking:


Michael Phelps and Elon Musk have way more of a balanced lives though than say,

The ‘40 year old virgin’ in the movie he completely avoided sex and focused all of his energies into his hobbies and thought he was happy until he realized he was avoiding a very basic human desire and need. it’s hard to give examples like this without people personalizing it and getting insulted.

Yes, it’s the safer of the three human desires to fast from. I’ve fasted from all three at different points in my life for various reasons. All with varying results. With food by day 3 it becomes a very spiritual experience. However, even that when done wrong can be very dangerous, and I had to opt out of that post, because were probably going to lose that member if they continue doing as they’re doing.

I’ve said elsewhere SR is just one of many methods you can use to manipulate your body into certain states. Is it the the be all-end-all people are putting on a pedestal though, not at all.


I think the main serious danger with sexual repression is, not so much dying, but doing something with all that pent up sexual energy you will later regret because it just got so, how shall I put it, out of control.