Entrance into Necromancy

As I used to work in Mortuary Transport and working with Medical Examiners before transport, I came into contact with many dead.
If I were to get a job in the mortuary business again, how can you harvest the energy, and what is the path laid out for fundamentals of necromancy?

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It helps to lose a parent and/or stand in the threshold of death. Maybe witness a death. It helps establish that connection to their realm.

Tell you more?


Not interested in losing my last parent, or any parent related to me for that matter.
As for witnessing something, likely I would be going to the FBI and asking about a WPP application.

That said, I am interested in learning more about necromancy intellectually/in theory, as likely it would come up in a LHP course of study.

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There’s a lot of ways to come at it. The earliest available documents regarding necromancy originated in Ancient Egypt. It was their bread and butter. The Egyptian Book of the Dead is a good start.

Dante Abale had a really good volume on Amazon Kindle. It’s free with a subscription. It’s very useful; pretty much the most hard core necromancy book you can find.

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Ah yes, the good old Book of the Dead. I loved that book as a teenager along with The Golden Dawn and The Magus. I had bought Keys of Ocat, not knowing another prior volume must be used before KoC, and ended up selling KoC for gas money one month.

I was just wondering, as the Mortuary field is kind of unique, and takes a certain kind of person to be able to deal with people that look like diamonds in the rough or Ripleys Wax Museum mannequins.

Plus its cool work in general. Nobody but my boss complained about my driving.

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Oh … and advice to grave robbers for the dearly departed … if gas is in the upper GI tract, you may hear the dead talk, as the gas seeks the path of least resistance and unless they’re purging all the fluids through putrefaction, it will travel up through the vocal cords.

Scared the shit out of me one night tooling down the highway.


One of My Dead Girls wanted to go into that line of work. Tried to take a by-mail course. Focus on anything other than Beer, Tim and Eric, psychotic fights, and such was not our forte though. She was murdered by a hot shot of fetty.

If she wasn’t the physical incarnation of Azrael, I don’t know what she was, just terrifying. Strong connection to the dead. People die all around you when the chip on your shoulder is in the realm of the dead.

I saw her ghost dancing around outside of the building she was murdered in.

On that note, most necromancers would sever ties instantly with someone who expressed no qualms about cooperating with the FBI, but a scholar seeks to learn . . . unless this is some The-Departed-meets-The-Craft kind of shenanigans lol

What’s the extent of personal necromancy that feels comfortable to you?

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Don’t really know, as I dont quite feel ready for it and am involved in other stuff. Just wanted some insights for down the road.

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A goon like me has to learn the hard way. Luckily the experience is becoming enough to yield some nifty systems.

What are your thoughts on the zeitgeist of New England necromancy?

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The what? I guess if N.E. is a necromantic craze, there must be a dead person with a lot of juicy gossip. I think that N.E. has had a lot of violence surrounding it lately, and something feeds off it. I would think thats more Ghost Hunter territory than Necromancy.

Im basically asking because the Hand of Glory is mentioned in just about every magic book I red. That and that I never really had time to look into Keys of Ocat use.

I would say for me right now, just basic conjure related stuff like graveyard dust would be my speed with it right now.

Just curious, not intending to dive right in. Moreso interested since I thought about re entering mortuary work.

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Part of necromancy is working with the ghosts, but it’s not everything.

There are dark, hungry places in New England; H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King didn’t come out of a vacuum lol

The dead bodies are also part of necromancy, but research would probably be limited in a mortitian’s setting. You’ll see the death juices and such, you’ll probably just have to read what they do, and Dante Abel is the only authority i know; I developed my own necromancy system.

I wish I knew about those orders you mentioned. I had to build on personal experience. I don’t usually get weird with the bodies though; it’s just generally easier to deal with a body’s spirit, especially if you consider the legal ramifications.


This reminds me of one day in downtown Richmond, VA, looking for a job. I happened to come across the HP Lovecraft Museum, but was broke. I felt a disturbing energy in one of the buildings, where a housemaid or the likes had passed. A couple of kids who came out said one picture on the stairway gave them the utter creeps.


Anything with Lovecraft’s name on it is guaranteed to be haunted as shit lol
Write it on a post-it note, stick it under your pillow, and get bad dreams lol


My bad … that was the Edgar Allen Poe museum in downtown Richmond, I think Lovecraft is somewhere in New England area. Still, I bet Poes name on a posit not under the pillow would do the same.

Lovecraft is Providence, Rhode Island.

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