Entity to train with?

Since there are no people around to work with for the purposes of improving my ability to increase, control, and manipulate my own energy and the energies around me i was wondering if there were any entities people could reccomend for that purpose, i’m making good progress working alone but it’s always faster and more torough when you work with someone more skilled, stronger, and different to yourself so if anyone has any good ideas for entities or different possibilities i would be very grateful.

I would recommend either Mepsitahl or Krehl’a’teral. Both entities can be found in the BALG ebook.

Dhjuty (Thoth) can also advise you and even the Archangel Raphael will tutor you in energetic methods that will increase health and harmony within your own mind and body. Ganesha will open gateways to understanding the Ayurvedic and chakra systems, and the subtle energies (Ida & Pingala) that have been known about in India for many centuries.

I’ve recently been working with Lucifer on this very subject, and have found him an excellent teacher.

Also, if you’re working within an established system, don’t forget about the dead - the spirit of a deceased master of your system can very often provide useful guidance.

hehe Lucifer’s name just keeps on cropping up in all my searches related to pretty much everything i’m interested in doing or working on, either he’s one hell of a jack-of-all-trades or i just seem to be interested mostly in things he’s good with, either way i’ll see how it goes with him and also probably all of the others suggested if i can.

It’s fascinating how that happens, isn’t it? I had the All Roads Lead to Belial experience initially.

Also, can’t believe I forgot this, but if you’re looking for martial arts instruction, there’s a couple of Japanese stories about people being taught by the Tengu. No idea how you’d make contact, but might be worth looking into.

interesting, i actually hadn’t thought of martial arts instruction in that manner but i can’t think of a better source for it than enities from the time and location, i’ll add tengu and daoist immortals to my list as well i think, but first i think i’ll have to see where this strange “call” to Lucifer goes and move forward from there.

When it comes to energywork, there is more to it than manipulation and control. A good start is to learn recognition of energies and how it will manifest before you. from entities or spirits that are known within the subject.

As I see it, spirits or entities of duality - like “succubus” or “incubus” as an example - is pretty good at energies of several levels. As I’ve experienced, their energies is like a canvas painting with several layers of multicolored structure to it and it has different shades of each “color” aswell. For me, this is energies of a physical spectrum and I have learnt a great deal of the differences and capabilities it has to offer.

Dealing with these kind of energies during astral travel is quite awesome too, but that’s just my opinion.

The best way to do energy work is to do it by your self.Stick with it and sooner or later your own overself will give you the insight of what you have to do.It took me almost 6 months to start working correctly with energy but now i can do it and the effects are awesome…Of course i faced failure in every aspect of the subject,but everyday practise(even with failure),can teach you what doesn’t work for you and what you have to stop or to avoid.