Entity to help you join an organization

I’m likely going to ask Belial for this, he has been pretty good for me recently. His description from DoM says…

“To aid your rise through the ranks of any organization, over the course of months or years”

I am looking for a spirit that can help me get into a club/group/organization that is semi-selective. Any ideas to help me with the recruitment process? Belial seems to be more for rising in ranks (although I am sure it will have some effect to join), are there any spirits good for actually getting in? Preferably Goetia


King Paimon, and Prince Orobas I think.

You want to impress if you want in it sounds like.


Thank you. I see Paimon deals with influence and reputation, I see his name pop up around here frequently but have never contacted him. I also see how Orobas is mentioned to increase fame, obtain promotion, and be admired. I have only contacted Orobas for glamour magic so far, I will reach out again.

Do you have any recommendations for requests? Imagine you want to join a club that isn’t based on a specific skill or merit, rather just overall charisma and likeability, what sorts of petitions would you make? I am for sure going to continue my work with Belial and try to use him for confidence and possibly other stuff, he has been good to me for various different tasks so far.

So basically, networking…right?

Not what you know, but who you know…? (And how they perceive you)

I would focus my requests on being able to befriend and be around the right people (under the right or beneficial circumstances) who would lead me to getting in, and similarly work from there or that perspective.

You’d want to start with persons who are the most compatible/agreeable to you, then work from there to expand your circle/contacts.

As I see it.

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It sounds like you’re practicing from DoM. There are likely several demons that could help with this, and so it is important for you to use your connection to the magick to find the demon that is best suited for your circumstances. It is likely that the demon is already reaching for you, just as you are reaching for assistance with this task.

That being said, hard to go wrong with good ole Paimon.

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