Entity to help with chakras

This I disagree with completely.

If you tell a demon to open your chakras, what you actually mean is for them to open your energy pathways. Regardless of the system you’re working with or how you conceptualize that system, the demons know what you mean and can do exactly what you called them for.

Opening chakras with demons works just as well as opening them with hindu gods. In fact, if you’re use to working with demons they’ll work better than just suddenly working with a pantheon you have little to no experience with.

He has no love for Abrahamic religions. I honestly don’t think he cares.


@Rikki1511 this meditation would probably serve you better than trying to call up different spirits.


He doesn’t have a very positive view on it either, so I wouldn’t worry about that.

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Why would he think it’s funny? He is no sadist. I don’t know how closely you work with him, but he definitely does not enjoy fucking with people just for the heck of it. That doesn’t sound like him at all tbh.


As darkest knight has already mentioned I would go with the hindu pantheon as the chakra system did indeed originate from there

Specifically you can’t go wrong with Shiva or Kali

Even E.A. Koetting mentioned in one of his videos that there seemed to be a link between Abaddon and Kali but he wasn’t sure why.

So if you like demons and are on the fence about the hindu pantheon give Shiva and/or Kali a shot and see what happens

Word to the wise Shiva is known to be the easiest hindu god to approach which might be worth considering if you’re worried about pissing off entities in the past


You can also have live people help open your chakras, through visualization.
(If you can trust someone )

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maybe I’m casting malicious intent on him, but the first time I called on him and asked with help to understand my mind, I was hospitalized shortly afterwards… I did get advice (first time anyone ever linked my panic attacks to PTSD) but I had poisoned myself and it was overall a very unpleasant experience… It took a year for me to summon him again and when I asked why he did that he was like “why not? it helped”

It took you a year to contact him again because you were ill from the poisoning?

I’m sorry to hear that you has such a bad experience, but it was the consequence of your own actions, not King Paimon‘s. He didn’t make you poison yourself.

He can be very demanding, blunt, and brutally honest (like his reply to you indicated), but he can also be very kind and nurturing, and if you develop a trusting relationship with him, you will have a mentor and friend who always looks out for you.


@SapphireWitch666 I would like to share something with you that King Paimon told me today. He said this to me in response to my question why certain entities have a reputation of turning someone’s life upside down in some cases, like Belial or Lucifer. What you wrote was also in the back of my mind when I asked him. Here’s his answer:

“It’s this human existence that fucks people up. If it weren’t for the many ways it can wreak havoc in people’s lives and minds, then no Belial, no Lucifer, and no entity would ever have to cause chaos, or facilitate the outbreak of chaos, in order to create a new and better order. There are some nasty things out there with ill intentions, but we [meaning: “demons”, deities, etc.] want to help you, not wreck you.”