Entity to help me overcome doubt

Hi all,
I posted for the 1st time a few days ago and I was delighted with how open and kind people on this forum are. I’d like to thank Kiss Lamia Lilith in particular.
I’ve been reading lots of posts here and I feel a strong attraction towards exploring and discovering spirits, though I may not have quite mastered the terminology yet.

I’d like to try and start communicate with entities but my problem is… I’m constantly plagued with self doubt. I don’t trust my instincts enough. Also (don’t laugh at me), I’m afraid of fear. Any tips? And any recommendation towards an entity that can help get rid of self doubt for a nervous beginner?

Thanking you in advance. :slight_smile:


Planetary wise you can use saturn to banish fear and the sun to invoke courage.
Beleth can also help one overcome self doubt.


Thank you :slight_smile: Saturn is my zodiac planet, I’m a capricorn. Is that relevant?

At EAs bootcamp he told me about a time he worked with Beelzebub to remove doubt of his magick.

He found a cave, went to the butcher and purchased a dead pig. Left the pig there and returned in 1 week. The cave waa filled with flies. He summoned B and did the ritual…

What happened next was EA went into a massive depression and doubt increased 10 fold. He almost shut down BALG. After some time it reversed into doubts being gone.


Um, sounds a bit hardcore… Though I must be ready to face even more self doubt at first, I imagine. It would make sense to be tested that way. But hopefully I’ll find a spirit willing to be my “mentor”. I seem to function and perform best with positive reinforcement.



Dark moon and mercury. dark moon for facing self doubt and fear. Mercury for communication and expression of said doubts and fears. We all have them but the key is to express when we feel these things and not letting them fester in the shadow self to become dangerous.


I say Lucifer because he doesn’t let you wallow in self pitying lies. He’s gentle and loving but that shit does NOT fly at all.