Entity to evoke for knowledge

I need to find the appropriate spirit to evoke to give me some advice on how to go about acheiving certain results for specific outcome have in mind. I also need to ask this spirit to refer me to another entity who specializes in what in what i desire.
So, basically i am looking for a spirit of abundant knowledge of all existance and knows the nature of all other spirts?

Try the akashic records


As vague as your question is Luxi it will be difficult to help.

Perhaps you could be more specifi withou divulging more than your comfortable with.


[quote=“The Eye”]You won’t have any solid answer with such a vague post.

Every spirit has abundant knowledge BUT about his office.

So, since you don’t tell us more about your need I see no way that you could have some help.[/quote]

Raziel can reveal exactly what this guy wants. About existence, the nature of spirits, etc. Raziel mean’s Secrets of God. He’s bound to know everything you’ll ever want to ask him.