Entity or succubus was scared?

Alright y’all. Who’s good with dreams ? I had a women in my dreams come to me as i was setting up an altar . When she talked to me i had almost like a flashback or something went through my mind and saw her as a sex ( hard to explain) . Meanwhile , There was Solomonic magic circles in Gold imbedded into white almost like plush pillows on the altar i was setting up. There were kids with her messing with my altar and i told them it wasn’t ok, she got frustrated , but calmed down . She then seduces me and right in front of me she changes forms , she went from a normal women into lingerie but had a tail . Soo as things proceed she lays on the bed gets scared and says “she’s coming “ , and looked frightened as all hell. She kept saying “she’s coming , she’s coming, you down t see her?” I look around and see nothing . I wake up and i wrote it down .

Fall back asleep then i hear me and conversated with someone about Andras . I didn’t feel harm or anything like that . Just were speaking nice of him.

Weird i know . Anyone know ? Who that women or I’m guessing a succubus could of been scared of ?

Maybe an entity you have in your house , visiting in you on the astral in your dreams

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Maybe she wasn’t actually scared, but acting to tell you a message

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Hmm… i did light a candle for Santa Muerte recently . I also did one for Hecate . Isn’t a succubus sent from Lilith?

No… not at all , there are tons who aren’t attached to any of the spirits of sacred prostitution , and I don’t really agree with the belief Lilith is the queen of succubi…

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Ahh ok. Thanks! I mean, i really don’t know much about it at all.

No worries bro , just don’t call on anything then please , don’t want you to end up another case of parasite filled mess

Thanks! Well, i mean the whole succubus thing . Other than that I’m pretty good at doing my LBRPs and other banishings .

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