Entity Jezalel

So! I’m interested in the name Jezalel …

I wonder if anyone has contacted this entity or know about their abilities ??

Someone interested in channeling this spirit??

Name: Yezelel (Yeh-zell-ell)
Psalm: 104:16
Bardonian Entry:
“13: Jezalel – is the name of the thirteenth genius of the Mercurian sphere. He helps all authors and artists by inspiring them in their artistic endeavors, and he also helps them to achieve sweeping successes. He shows the magician ways that allow him to develop a talent for eloquent speech. After having awakened and developed the talent to articulate, he helps politicians to climb the ladder of political success and reach the top. This genius has at his disposal particular methods that lead to a clear intellect and a good memory and which allow the magician to acquire an excellent perceptiveness and a talent for repartee in every respect. Through Jezalel the magician has the possibility to obtain the good graces of personalities in high positions and to be successful in love affairs, to discover the secret plans of his enemies, and so on.”

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