Entity for wifi, mobile data, and connections in general

Today I’d like to share with you an entity I found (or perhaps who found me) while vision seeking. I have used her primarily for help establishing and maintaining wireless internet connection, and mobile internet data.

While I feel they are rather androgynous I think they prefer the pronoun “she”. Her name is Ewas’shrito. Pronounced “Was-shree-toe”. Emphasis placed on the “sh” and not any of the vowels. Also the language is rythmic so be careful not to hold onto the vowels for longer than any other, in this example they would all read as one “beat”.

As I’ve said I use her mainly to assist in my wifi and mobile data. My phone in particular outright drops its mobile data very often. When this happens I will view her sigil mentally, light it up with energy, and say her name in my head. Within a minute of this my data will return to my phone. I experienced similar results when I was having issues with the wifi in my apartment.

What is interesting is that the reason the wifi failed in my apartment was my roomate accidentally (but often) unplugging the router from the wall. So in this sense she made a very physical change to somehow ensure it got plugged back in. The success was not as consistent as that with my data, and it did take longer to manifest, but they are not negligible results by any means.

In totality she rules connections between all things, at least so she tells me. She says she can make people come together or break apart, bring ideas to or from people, and many similar things. It is clear however that she excels eletrically.

As you can see she has two different but similar sigils. The one with the circle on the top arc opens connections, and the one with the bar on the top arc closes or shuts down connections. It does not matter the order in which you draw the lines for the sigil other than the lightning bolt be the last thing drawn. That puts power into the whole thing and “activates” it, and should not be done until the rest of the system is prepared.

If you work with her and have any successes please share, I’d love to hear them.


Thats intresting. :slight_smile: I use to restart my phone when the data drops and it works great.

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It’s the on and off switch on the top of her sigils.



Im glad its useful. Btw, its a rule of the forum to make a thread and introduce yourself.