Entity for cloaking items

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could help me out regarding the following. I have ordered a package from the USA and would like it to reach me without additional taxes. What entity could I work with to ensure the package slips through the maze of customs? It has no illegal content, but the price is over the ‘low tax limit’ and my country’s taxes are simply outrageous.

I would bother with an entity for this, just put your will forth.

I'd wonder if specifying one of the following would help target as well as make contact-able?  (perhaps all seem to have the same result- so catch-all, but they seem to be different wavelengths/areas of affect..)

so the issue of from the pkgs point of view as it travels... not being slowed down (rather than being not noticed, perhaps just it moving through? -a bit different- but either way)..   I see like a pkg (like a view of a car moving along a road for an entire journey) that has a field around it, else awareness/else events affect it to move it along.. is how that field of the pkg reacts (as if the pkg isn't moving, but the road is)..

Two other ways-
from the senders view- their will and their influence (ie how it affects them- sending this thing, such that they aren’t affected by it slowed to reach you)… ie the will for them to have that occur…

Obviously your pt- receiving it… either directly, or you “mailbox” so to speak… ready to receive this “pkg”… and clearing all in the way of that

or scan for what might slow the journey (perhaps via one of above 3 or else)… and feel ah this group might (scanned and sense an “intersect” possibility)… and thus influence them (much of the change someone’s mind- get a job- etc… based on this… thus different of “change hiring boss’s mind” from “Amp up the possible of you in a job” to become more likely… two very different…

lastly- a different angle… funds wise is part of what you mentioned (vs the time-factor… if the delay is less, then it is more the expense)… so Entity or work to boost your Finances (which could be you receive a bonus from else that could pay for this, or that “boost” could counteract the exp)… in other words, I recall doing a “find funds” per upcoming expense I expected… and ended up not receiving money… but instead what was to be charged ended up being given for free (and some other stuff added as well)… so that could work to decrease the poss (thus a “possible future” made less-likely/avoid… vs above ex about a different "possible future made more likely (desired detail or qualities without being fixed-details)

Long story-short… selecting approach (even if just getting a context viewpt)- one could connect to it better… but also could be lead to further answers (“Ask a question, and that itself gives you the answer.”)

  -ie which Entity to call, as different specialties  (ie "make X go away" could be done many ways, pain, fear, relocate, move you, transportation, insight-clarity for you to understand.. even persuasive "liberal arts" power could change things.   -just to reference a number of different Goetic Entities.. each of these here are quite different) luck  _

I did, but usually I get better results when there is no time limit. Just wanted to give it that extra push, but maybe this is a good experiment to see how my will, focus and non-attachment are progressing.