Entity for all love cases?

Was wondering if there is an entity for all love cases. I know most of the time, they specialize in something specific about it (ex: obsession, removing obstacles, etc.), but is there an entity for the whole shebang? Like an entity that, if in your will, will give you results and create the perfect situation for a long-lasting relationship (make someone obsessed with you, remove others in their life that may hinder them being with you, make you attractive to that person, plant a deep love for you within that person, change their thoughts and moods, etc.)?

I’m curious what answer you will get, I’ve practiced a lot of voodoo in the past and even with the Lwa, I’ve always worked with one of two of them with different aspects of my situation. It seemed there was never just one to fix everything and honestly that was fine with me, I then was able to learn and know more about them. Sometimes it would be nice to know if one entity could fix it all.

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Just pick an entity ruling attachment of all kinds, love at the end of the day is just the intent to attach.

For starters, Malakous is the one I go too for most of my attachment related needs, including love.

Of course depending on specifics I have a few extra go-to’s.

furfur dantaion sitri lilith uhhhh n many more its an endles list i work with the first two n they do a wonderful job


Sallos helps you better yourself and put you in situations to link up. As for attraction I have no idea. Also helps build trust and honestly with that individual.

Sometime you gotta love yourself before you can others. Can’t say he’s brought the girls I’ve asked yet, but it could be due to them being the wrong ones that would waste time. That’s two cents.

P.S. Sallos Knows he will get a shout out when he brings the right one to me. :pray::love_you_gesture:



She is the Goddess of Love and therefore covers all of its aspects.

Another option is the planetary Spirit of Venus, which can also be used for any aspect of Love.

Also, Hagith, the Olympic Spirit of Venus, or the Archangel of Venus, Anael.



Angel of love.

Great guy. He’s helped me with a lot.


Seconding Aphrodite. She has somewhat of a bad rep thanks to the myths and popular culture, but on a number of occasions, she has come to me on her own and has been helpful and kind. And powerful. She does represent all the different facets of love, and I’ve seen a few people on other sites describe her as Love personified. Like all big-name entities, she’s complex and versatile. She also has no problem letting you know that she has heard you.


Try Venus or Freyja or Mother Mary ( :slight_smile: if the Christian concepts don’t put you off :slight_smile: ). All symbolise this “love” essence esoterically and exoterically.

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So would you happen to know if she over powers free-will?

I think I may just go with Aphrodite. One question about her though. Would you happen to know if she can over-power a person’s will? Some entities will. Some won’t. I can’t find enough information on her to know if she will or won’t or if it may depend on the situation.

In my opinion, no, she won’t, as overriding someone’s will goes entirely against what Love is supposed to represent (forcing your own will upon someone is about power, not Love).

However, passion is also under Her aegis, and anyone passionate about anything, be it war and bloodshed or stamp collecting, is said to be under the spell of the Goddess of Love so she could, theoretically, override logical thought through emotion, resulting in obsession which drowns the will.


Dantalion can make ppl love u and change their will

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Sitri can make some one do the same but something about get naked in front of you I’m drawing his sigil right now Idk I feel light headed n hot but he is said to help in matters of love

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I don’t believe overpowering free will is her preference, to be honest, for the exact same reason DarkestKnight has given. She is more likely to focus on you rather than the target. What I could see her doing is making YOU appear to be an ideal match and tipping the odds in your favor, and that may result in obsession if the other person is inclined to be obsessive.

That said, it wouldn’t hurt to ask Aphrodite herself. Keep in mind that IF she does agree to overpower free will (again, not likely), there is a chance that the relationship will end up becoming fleeting and turbulent. It’s not exactly the best foundation for a long-term relationship. I’ve read stories in which she gave the person exactly what they (think they) wanted, and that ended with either a harsh, yet important lesson for both parties and/or a meeting with the wilder, darker side of Aphrodite.

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Agreed. Taking away free will is not her style. It’s extremely rare for her to do and it never ends well when she does.