Entity Capable Of Opening 3rd Eye

1-What are entities that have the ability to open third eye as well as other chakras?

2-Can parasites open third eye and other chakras? if so why? to disturb you?

I know Paltator from KoF.
He’s able to activate the third eye.
Every chakra is open everytime.

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Chakras are never closed, if anything the being will just tell you to or help you work on them. “Opening” does nothing for you and it waste the being time being asked to open something that was never closed to begin with.


I had the experience of big astral spiders visiting me in hospital and forcing me to see them by opening my third eye sight.

What do they mean about 3rd eye chakra open if it’s close :roll_eyes::thinking:

It’s not closed, the third eye is a metaphor or a simile. It’s not actually an eye, it’s a psychic energy center. Emboldening the ajna chakra and doing works that develop clairvoyance will help you see.

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