Entitites/Spells for Finding Specific People

This is for the future, but let’s say I’m building a team for a business venture and I want to find the best marketing company and team that will make the business huge, or find a person that will open a door for me that will grow my business alot. How would I go about using magick in order to find these things? Do I just evoke or invoke my entity of choice and ask them to “help me find the company that will make my business huge within X amount of time” or “meet a person who will open doors for me in this industry”? Assuming they’d be capable of knowing who would do that.

Also what entities or works do you think would be good for such an issue? Also would evoking or invoking be best for this? I’m willing to also do a combo of both with different entities if necessary.
Thank you.

You can use personal Divination, such as the pendulum, ouija board, tarot cards, magic mirror, and summoning spirits. You can look up people, websites, and pictures of these people and companies, then use the divination tools to ask if these people and companies are good for you.
Just one possibility

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Which tool would you suggest if I need more in depth/specific answers?

First, you would need to use a Divination tool that you are good at using. ( I am not much good with any technique. ).
Then you can use the technique/techniques, to locate a person with a specific skill, and education for what you are looking for. For example, a sales advertiser, marketer, accountant, etc.
Then you can look up ads for work from the skills you are looking for in a person.
Then you can check their qualifications with the Business Bureau ( if they are accredited with this.
Or find any other information that confirms the person’s qualifications.
And, you can use the Divination to verify this person’s skills, and any sources that can verify this person’s skills.
( Just some possibilities )

The Archangel divination ritual in the book ‘Archangels of Magick’ by Damon Brand would be perfect for this. If you happen to have that one, I would recommend that.

But if you prefer a divination system instead, I’d recommend Geomancy. It will help guide you to such a person, and can show where to look and what they look like.

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i myself wouldnt really recommend a ouija board for divination going from my experience over the years it will generally just lie or tell you what you want to hear but thats only from my experience maybe it could work for you who knows? you can always give it a try and see if you feel confident in the answers it would give you


Success Magic by Damon Brand s a long term work, but essentially sets you up for life. It has rituals for everything from having the right people come to you without you needing to find or look for them, to rituals to help with natural set backs and your mind set. Rituals to bring in the right people for your business, rituals for inspiration and time management, rituals for being content so that you can be more successful and driven in the long term etc etc. It’s 49 rituals total.

Enochian magic, designed to do one ritual for several days, then move to the next. I stacked them and did 7 for 7 days each, but it’s not advisable by the author, despite being short 5 minute roughly rituals. I still have seen a lot of success with it however, I would recommend following his instructions as there’s no guarantee I didn’t just get lucky.

Other than that, I think the rest of the replies sum up the options pretty well.


I realized now the Olympic Spirit Hagith is probably perfect for this.

A sigil ritual can work, but do what feels right to you, you will feel what magick you need in this situation.