Entities that can help with sex

Hey all,

My partner can never achieve climax when we make love, no matter what we do. I was wondering if there is an entity that my partner or I can evoke to maybe help with this?

Any answers are extremely appreciated.


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Sex god method Daniel Rose
Great book
For spirits Lilith or Asmoday would be good for passion.


Lilith, Asmodeus,Venus, Aphrodite, Ishtar, Inanna, Apollo, Dionysus ect…


Damiana: an alcohol elixir is best, but all forms work. The more ingested the quicker the results - within reason. Needs to be taken consistently over time. Results usually in less than a week, depending on how serious you are and how much you’re taking.


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Been doing that since I met them. I do everything I possibly can and know everything about them. I’m the reason they know about their fetishes after all. This is more than just me not doing the things they want, hence my resorting to asking for help from entities…

Sounds like it would be worth a looking into

Well thats quite the list…

Thank you both ever so kindly

I’ll have to look into that. Thank you.

from my experience its a mind thing. i could never acheive climax with a partner either. then i learned to focus my mind on things that get me hot n bothered. Then I could.

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We also had luck with it being in their mind, as last night we got them close. Thank you very much for sharing your experience :slight_smile:

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Also try and find your sexual fantasy common ground. That way you can try different things out that get you off. Also maybe try sacred sexuality in the sense of both of you becoming more confident individually about your bodies and sexuality then coming together as a divine couple.

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