Entities Can Pass Through Videos?

i can confirm that it is possible.it happened when i was watching koetting’s evocation of memphistophelis.the moment eric fell into theta- gamma,i fell also…i was allready tired from intense physical exercise and i sunk deep inside me.when i heard the conjuration,i thought it was good to turn OFF the volume and continue to watch the video without sound.but it was allready too late.something came into my room.i felt the energy and it’s presence.i jumped out of my bed and start banishing and saging like crazy,because i didn’t know what was it.it was not awful or heavy like angelic energies, but it was intense.to tell you the truth i liked it.the point is that i could never imagine that this is possible,until i found a book from JOSEPHINE MCCARTHY…this is interesting

(this is a paragraph from the book)

The other main caution is: if you do magic at home, don’t sit
down and watch any exorcist movies that are based upon the real
records, diaries etc of someone. There is a very good chance that the
original being, if portrayed well enough, can come through the movie
and hook into you. The recreation of a real event can sometimes act
like a doorway for the original being to pass through…it’s like a passive
form of invocation (as I found out…ouch!) No amount of protection would have stopped that. And it is bloody hard to pull a rabid demon
out of yourself with no help. (Don’t want to go through that again).
The best protection of all is to use your common sense and
some really awful perfume.

Lol. We all know those movies are never the real representation no matter how similar they say it is. By being tired, you were probably more susceptible to these things, but that’s just my own opinion. I personally laugh at those kinds of movies nowadays after the things I’ve seen in real life.

maybe i wasn’t clear enough.i’m talking about live rituals…it happened for real…i remember angel caido mentioned something similar.so i’m not the only one…i felt it.

This phenomenon pertains to energy imprints, channeling, and establishing links. It can be a shocking experience for someone that’s not expecting any links to be established to them personally since, in their mind, they’re merely a passive third party viewer (e.g. watching a video of an evocation). But this however is no guarantee, especially if the material being viewed (or read even) is of an authentic source.

It’s not unheard of for someone to get an unexpected visit after viewing footage of an evocation. It’s happened once to me after viewing one of EA’s rituals, and I’ve read of other people saying the same.

Perhaps these footages should come with a disclaimer. Anyhow I’m reminded of The Ring where viewing the cursed video leaves a psychic imprint upon the viewer whereupon they’ll be visited by the entity – it’s almost the same concept in this case.

There’s a great article I’ve read regarding these points. Instead of copy and pasting the entire article you should definitely check it out yourselves.


got it…at least i learned something from this.next time i’ll be more careful…