Entities and parasites of the world of magic

Entities are sentient beings from another dimension who possess consciousness. They can be embedded in the human energy system and live in it for a very long time, feeding on its energies.

Someone may mistakenly believe that there are no entities among people interested in spiritual development, walking towards the Light. There are. The vast majority of people, whether they develop their consciousness or not, have entities. But there are different entities. There are not very dangerous ones, and a person may not feel them at all, but there are also so dangerous that they manifest themselves very clearly and affect a person in very negative ways. It should be understood that most Lightworkers have spent most of their lives not awakened, and they still have the entities that they had before. In addition, very often entities already come with a person into this life, presenting problems created in past lives. Entities don’t go away on their own. Just by clapping your hands or reading an affirmation, or asking your higher aspects for help, it is impossible to get rid of them. They grow so close to a person that the very possibility of parting with their donor seems unrealistic to them. They are intelligent beings, and will do anything to stay and continue to feed on his energy. They can even prevent a person from realizing their problem and turning to a healer. Such cases happen. Entities distort a person’s thoughts and emotions, guide his behavior and create negative karma.

Now the problem of entities has worsened. Most entities are residents of the astral, the 4th dimension. The astral is being cleaned, and they are now very uncomfortable because of the ultra-high frequency radiation coming from Space. The flow of people dealing with these problems has really increased. Energy attacks have become more frequent, especially in recent months.

They can be divided into two categories. The first is entities created by man himself, and the second is inhabited entities.

Entities created by man can be created by him either in the current incarnation or in past lives. These can be entities of hatred, cruelty, pride, greed, contempt, self-abasement, resentment, etc. If a person in previous incarnations created negative energies/entities with some of his thoughts, emotions, they could be embodied in this life with him and are now present in his energy system. Another option is for those people who are currently working on themselves, undergoing intensive purification and healing, entities from past lives may manifest. You’ve probably read that the energies of our past incarnations are passing through us now. After all, there were different energies, both positive and negative. We may not notice the positive ones, but the negative ones create big problems. One day a person may wake up with unpleasant sensations, even physical ones, and not suspect (if he does not have clairvoyance and clairvoyance) that some kind of energy/essence, created by himself in one of his past incarnations, has entwined everything in his energy system, or some dark channel has appeared in him from past lives. Since we are now moving towards the light, and our energy is being purified and clarified, our frequencies no longer resonate with the dense low–frequency energies of these entities, and they come with one purpose - that we be cleansed of them.
Recently, we have to carry out a lot of such work. Apparently, high vibrations lead people to get rid of such energetic outsiders as quickly as possible. The most interesting thing is that 50% of people have energy-negative matrices that were passed down from their great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers…

As for the populated entities, everything is much more complicated there. The inhabited entities include all astral entities, disembodied souls, entities from other parallels, alien entities, etc. That is, they were not created by man himself, but came from outside.

It happens that a person himself attracts such entities with his negative thoughts and emotions. If he has gaps in his aura (and there are a lot of people with gaps), then with a surge of negative emotions, the essence is attracted to him on the principle of similarity, and it costs nothing to enter the human field through the gaps. And she settles into him and leads a very satisfying life, feeding on human energies, affecting his psyche and exacerbating negative traits, as well as undermining his health.

There are also new implementations, and quite often. Now they are even more frequent. A person may not attract the essence in any way, but if he has a weak aura, if there are gaps in it, then the essence can infiltrate and settle down to live. And even if a person has a holistic aura as a whole, if there are no pronounced breakdowns, even then the essence can fly through “weak spots” and “cracks”. Such weak points are primarily the area of the 7th cervical vertebra, the chakra at the base of the skull and the lower chakras. Therefore, it is necessary to work very seriously with your energy, purify, heal and strengthen it, try to avoid any vulnerabilities.

Entities can also penetrate a person when he is particularly vulnerable – when a person experiences shock or trauma, for example, during various accidents and disasters, with great losses, during severe illnesses, when a person is very exhausted. They can also penetrate during operations under general anesthesia, during hypnosis sessions and in other states when the normal operation of protective mechanisms is disrupted.

Now cases of such intrusions have become more frequent also because many people are leaving, and there are many free entities who are looking for new donors.

As a rule, all alcoholics, drug addicts and smokers have essences. Moreover, the entities are very strong and negative. A person can be treated with any number of different methods for alcoholism and drug addiction, but if you do not remove the essence at the same time, then this is, to put it mildly, a useless matter. After treatment, he may restrain himself for a while and not show his inclinations, but the entities will not give him the opportunity to recover, and everything will happen again. The essences of smokers are not so strong, but they also do not bring anything useful to a person, and it is they who prevent people from quitting smoking. You know that many people still can’t do it, despite all their efforts.

Entities have the ability to move from human to human. If there is an alcoholic or drug addict in the family, then most likely all family members will have essences. This is especially true for sexual partners. In this case, the whole family should be cleansed. And even if people just communicate closely with each other, meet often, spend a lot of time together – they can be friends, colleagues, neighbors – then there are also cases of interpenetration of entities.

Entities from past incarnations are often associated with karmic problems, and therefore not only liberation from entities is required, but also karmic healing.

Essences are the truth of life, as it is. You can, of course, turn a blind eye to this, not believe in their existence, but this will not help in any way and will not get rid of the problems of those people who they are.

How do entities manifest themselves? Definitely, in different ways. It all depends on the origin, energy frequency and strength of the essence. The lower the energy frequency of an entity, the more problems it creates. And, as a rule, more problems are created by subsumed entities than by their own.

These problems can manifest themselves in different ways. People often write to me in letters that despite the fact that they have been developing for a long time, meditating, and their consciousness seems to be changing, but many problems remain – both emotional and mental, and with health, and in other areas. And during the session, they discover entities whose presence they did not even suspect.

Entities often make a person aggressive. He may lose control of himself and commit such acts, which can then cause him shock. The essence controls a person, and he does not even know that he does not have his own will. But it happens that such people are still aware that they have entities and seek to get rid of them. But entities, as I have already said, can literally prevent these people from coming to the healer, create various problems, up to the breakdown of the computer, blocking their path to healing.

Entities can also manifest themselves in various inappropriate emotional states, such as depression, uncontrollable emotional outbursts, etc. Pathological greed, cruelty, suspicion, hypertrophied ego – all these are signs of the presence of entities. Entities seek to strengthen in a person those qualities to which they are attracted. From the influence of entities, causeless pain, strange pains, etc. can occur.

Entities do not always manifest themselves so clearly. However, if a person has moments when he feels that it is difficult for him to control himself — either during some emotional outbursts caused by someone’s actions, or during depressive states - this is a clear sign of the presence of an entity.

How does the essence affect a person’s energy system? Imagine a parasite that has entwined itself around a tree and feeds on its juices. Similarly, in a human being, entities can entwine his entire energy system and feed on his life force. This means that it affects his health, his relationships, his success in life, etc. When a child has something foreign in his energy, when it entwines his chakras and channels, then, naturally, a person cannot live a full life, blocks do not allow energy to move freely, organs do not receive sufficient nutrition, serious problems arise diseases. The essence is fed by his energy, and a person does not have enough vital energy to live, work and be successful in everything. Especially if he does not work with his energy, if he has a weak aura, there are breakdowns and blocks in the chakras and channels. Plus the effect on emotions, which jeopardizes his relationship with others.

Not all healers see and identify entities. They may look different. And people themselves, who do not have clairvoyance and clairvoyance, cannot identify them at home. Besides, there is also the human ego. We are often told that we are Yogis. Yes, it’s true, there is a particle of Fear in everything. But unfortunately, for some immature souls, these statements serve to fuel their own ego, and they begin to consider themselves fully developed, completely cleansed and healed. And, of course, it seems to them that entities cannot exist in their reality. Unfortunately, among those well-known modern esoteric stories that people are reading now, there are almost none that tell in detail about entities, therefore, some say that “this cannot be.”

Those methods of protection against energy attacks, which are sometimes published on the Internet (for example: wrap yourself in white light), do not help. This is not an obstacle for entities. Now a lot of methods have stopped helping, also due to the fact that entities have adapted to them. In addition, now such is the state of the astral that many defenses dissipate very quickly. In general, the best way to avoid an attack is to raise your assemblage point. But not everyone can do this, but only those who are seriously engaged in energy practices. It is very important that the aura is complete, so that there are no access points for connections. Achieving integrity is a serious job, it is done only by the person himself. It is also important not to attract entities with their negative emotions, because they feed on them. Do not enter into conflicts with people (because after that you can very quickly get an attack from the entities of these people).

In general, know that if you blame someone specific with whom you are in conflict for the energy attack on you, it is most likely not the person himself, but his aggressive entities have come to you for a showdown. The person himself may not even know about it. And if you accuse him of an energy attack, he will not understand you, he will deny everything, and he will be right. Because this attack can go on without his conscious participation. Therefore, there is no need to blame anyone, this can further aggravate the conflict. Try to always be in harmony, purify yourself, increase your light and treat all people with love and acceptance. Entities on the principle of similarity can only adhere to the dark energy inside a person. When a person works on himself, transforms his consciousness, cleanses and strengthens his energy system, works with his arm, etc., he becomes less vulnerable to any energetic attacks.

You can’t be afraid or hate entities. Fear and hatred of them can also attract them. Entities should be treated calmly and neutrally. They are what they are, and they must be accepted as such. For them, it is also a natural way of existence to feed on the energies of humans, and for humans it is natural to eat animal meat and plants. They live in another dimension, and there they are natural and useful for the whole, but in our world they create problems for people.

If a person has entities, he should never blame himself for it. They could have come for a variety of reasons, for example, from an alcoholic father. You don’t have to blame yourself, you just have to understand that it’s time to get rid of them, because a person is moving towards the light, and what prevents him from doing this, what does not resonate with him, must be eliminated. It is impossible to get rid of the inhabited entities on your own, this can be dangerous both for the person himself and for others. Only a specialist can help with this.

Often people do not have not only vision, but also energy sensitivity, and this is another reason why they cannot identify entities themselves. Or this sensitivity is very weak. This happens when their hearts and energy channels are clogged, when energy cannot move freely. But entities can make themselves felt by pressure in the organs, unpleasant sensations in various areas of the body, in organs, etc. But a person with weak energy sensitivity may not be aware of their presence.

There is another danger that Lightworkers who have felt the call to awakening in recent years are exposed to. Many channelings talk about communicating with your Higher Self, mentors, and angels. And so, not having enough experience, not knowing safety techniques, not being able to distinguish the energy signatures of Higher Entities from astral entities, people begin to hear “voices” and connect to various astral channels. They believe that “nothing bad will attract them.” However, it attracts, and sometimes such people not only begin to “work” for astral egregors themselves, but also connect other people to them, and can even become a toy in the hands of far from light entities. And then these entities can block their true information, interfere with their development and simply zombie them. Alas, this happens. And the ego can tell a person that once he receives messages, it means that he is almost an anointed of God, and it also closes information to him about who he really communicates with.

But for any person who accepts information, the main thing should be, first of all, his own development. If a person decides that having certain abilities, such as communicating with subtle planes, puts him above others, if he thinks that this is already a sign of some kind of spiritual advancement, especially when the vast majority of those around him do not have such abilities, he begins to cultivate his spiritual ego, not realizing that before In total, this ability implies a huge responsibility. Responsibility for what information he offers people, and whether it corresponds to their highest good. Therefore, anyone who receives messages is obliged not less, but more than others to work on themselves, purify themselves, transform consciousness, increase their light coefficient in order to become a truly clean channel.

When a person gets rid of entities, his life radically changes. He becomes more positive, his health improves, emotions are harmonized, he just becomes a different person. But at the same time, of course, he must continue to work on himself, and even more seriously, in order not to attract entities in the future, in order to grow and improve spiritually.


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