Entheogens in spiritual pursuit

This is not meant for an advert, but I have been dealing with this for some decades and never have known about this long 2 hour vid. However, having found it, and seeing it confirms alot of my findings in about every aspect. i would like for people to watch it ans then reasonably discuss it in the works of Demolatry.

This also go through the development and perversions of what has become rebelled against as the “Bible Religion”, and the later creations of would be Demons.
Thanks FDM

Haven’t viewed the video yet, so this may be addressed there.

The Chinese symbol for cannabis or hemp (pronounced Ma) is incorporated into the Chinese symbols for both magic and demon.

If one’s partaking of entheogens has positive psycho-spiritual benefits with manageable side effects / consequences then they are acceptable for that person, in my humble opinion.

I know they inspire connections made with oneself or between oneself and other realities whether they be spiritual or self-contained or even on a whole other level…that would otherwise not be there or be limited without the entheogenic yielding.

If mankind / society at large was more accepting of entheogens then I think this world would be a different place. I can’t say if it would be better or worse, but it would certainly I think elevate mass consciousness and make us more aware of what lies beyond the mundane and material.

Some entities I know will communicate via entheogens and I always find those stories fascinating to read about. I myself have at times considered pot an entheogen particularly when I first introduced myself to it, it certainly evoked a sacramental thought process with me because I viewed it as such. But then at some point it lost that magic the more I partook and then just became a recreational diversion.