Entering the Cube

I had a mental connection with the spirit realm yesterday. I was told by someone/something that 'I had opened a door." I saw dark spirits all around me, faces constantly changing, as many spirits as there are breezes. They floated around me like gasses that rise and fall, due to their weight compared to the air they were in. An upside down pentagram appeared. A goat head appeared more than once, but mostly constantly changing faces. I loved it. If it was supposed to feed off my fear, it did not.

Today, I tried to get there again, but there were not spirits today. It was either a long dark hallway, old stone on both sides. Or it was a path through the forest at night, with the trees and thickets so dense on each side, I could not leave the path. I was told something about my destination should be to 'Enter the Cube."

Question: Has anyone ever heard of the Cube? Any gnosis out there?

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The Anthology of Sorcery had an entry about a cube in it, which may be useful looking into, especially if you have Amazon Prime.

I believe C.Kendall has spoken about something similar in the past. Do a search for his username and cube. I hope Iā€™m not mis-remembering.