Entering the collective consciousness

Is it possible to enter the collective unconscious and find someones individual unconscious and enter it? If anyone has played persona 5 that is sort of what Im going for here

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The astral is the collective unconscious, so yes it’s possible to do just as it’s possible to use the astral to dreamwalk into someone’s own mindscape.

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May you ellaborate a little? Are you saying the astral is all of our mental activity? Or did I got it wrong? Serious question.

I view the astral as a mental plane, not that it’s all in our head, but simply that it’s a plane that is simply the collective unconscious, that all that is living affects the plane, desires, fears, dreams, imaginations, and so forth.

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So… it can be changed by will. Interesting. I think I will research a little this topic. Thank you very much.

Yes and no, yes you can change areas within the astral by will, however, you cannot change the entire plane. That and it’s bound to change again on its own. Unless you go to a area that the density is decently slow your will can still change it but it’s unlikely to change back unless another force changes it.

So, hyphotetical question. Could it be that you just go to X area and change it at your liking for the time you’re in there? You leave, it will change on its own, but you can visit again and change it again, for the time you’re in there.

Like creating some kind of building or something like that, I mean.

Yes pretty much


Last question and I won’t bother you anymore.

Where do you sugest I could start researching? Any book titles/links would be appretiated.

Experience first then read, I say this because I firmly believe you’ll be able to form your own beliefs and such around a topic by experiencing first then reading about other experiences in books later. Otherwise you’ll often times frontload yourself.

I didn’t get into the astral or etheric by means of research I started offline experiencing then came online and found others experiences, so I can’t really suggest any books on it.

Oh… that sounds amazing. So… I start with trying to get into lucid dreaming. Thanks for your time and answers, mate.

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No problem mate

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Can you Astral project at will?


How do you do It?
I have been trying to soul travel/ astral project at will, with no success.
Can you possibly guide me to your follow ups : like books, meditations , etc.

I don’t use books, I am more of a first hand experience first. However, some people project without realizing it because they have exaggerated expectations. Your senses won’t be great when you first project, sometimes it’ll even be faint.
Projection isn’t projecting your soul out, it’s projecting your energy body to a given plane and the energy body adjusts to that density so you can interact with it.

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can you project it out and not come back? I remember you don’t believe in the silver cord

More like the silver cord is a choice for newbies to make to give them peace of mind, but in the end you’ll always come back. You’re linked to your physical body regardless so the moment you are drained you’ll snap back to your body no matter your decision.

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So the only way to unlink is for the body to die?

From my experience yes, because when I full projected and didn’t want to come back, there was an automatic snap back. It’s better to return on your own unless you want to experience being snapped back and getting a headache.