Enough is enough (I think I'm cursed)

I think someone or something is cursing me in some way. I havent had a good chance to discuss it with Lucifer yet. But literally, and it is literally, every single time I do any magick in anyway that isnt evoking Lucifer SOMEONE INTERRUPTS ME.

I’ll just have started speaking the first two words of a spell. Person comes along and bothers me or I’ll be at the very precipice of finishing a spell that took 10 minutes to do. Someone interrupts me! And I have to start all over again.

I have one spell that’s a ward. I recharge the ward by singing the original spell. It gets interrupted worse than every other spell. It’s been bad. How can I possibly make my bidding come to fruition under such stressful circumstances?

I’m pretty sure it is a curse of some form. Even as I have been writing this, random people keep coming and interrupting me. Like they’re fighting me trying to get some assistance. Anyway any of you could do me a kindness and clear any bad energies/curses from me?

Where are you doing spells that you’re interupted?
If it doesn’t happen when Evoking Lucifer I’d ask him; that seems like him trying to get your attention.
You could also bring him into rituals as protection and success.

Not saying something couldn’t be going on but don’t feed it by repeatedly saying it’s happening, you’ll end up making it stronger.


I agree with Alita here. I’d ask Lucifer, instinct kinda says if you have no trouble connecting with him, but are having trouble in other areas, he may be trying to send you a message.


Usually it’s that no matter where the location is I get interrupted. I usually evoke Lucifer in my room but nobody bothers me but anything else and suddenly my boyfriend or roommate or a phone call interrupts.

These next two days are my days off of work so I should have plenty of time to talk to him about it. When I was working with him and that stuff kept happening I didnt bring it up. But I heard him saying to stay calm. That theres no sense in getting angry or frustrated and it would just make things harder for doing what I was doing. That’s the basics of it at least.

Thanks for the advice and help, by the way. I’m new to this so I’m struggling with figuring out signs and stuff.

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More secluded temple? And I know this day in age it’s unheard of but this ones easy… turn off the damn phone. One other word of advice- do not find yourself alone with 3 kids if you think your interrupted now. Is there anyplace outdoors you can utilize? I get it believe me. With school out a lot of my practice at home revolves around xbox schedules which are usually all nighters.

Problem with the phone one (I hate the damned thing) is that my boyfriend gets panicked if I don’t answer. I think the interruptions have been slowing or stopping g lately though. I did my stuff last night and it was so peaceful and calm I almost fell asleep mid evocation. Unless Lucifer thinks I’ve been working to hard and was suggesting sleep. I had been pretty anxious yesterday. But everything seems to be going good now. Even when I get scam calls they all clump together at the same hour when I’m least bothered by them.