Enochian Magick Book - Enochian Vision Magick & Essential Enochian Grimoire

Hi Everybody !
Recently, after long hesitance i had decided to get two books about Enochian Magick

(1) Enochian Vision Magick &

(2) Essential Enochian Grimoire.

However after going through them, i am very disappointed; they have a lots of theory, but little practical value. So, i had asked opinions from Orisman & i am grateful for his opinion in this regard and from Lady Eva, she suggested to open a new topic in this regard to know opinions of other forum members. Therefor, i would like to know the opinions of other forum members about these two books and as a whole about the Enochian Magickal System.

Till now,  I had mainly focused on the Hermetic System of Magick, although i had studied about Enochian Magick, till now i had never attempted anything practical about Enochian. Somehow i feel it just don't fit in my Magickal world. i had also observed that, it gives lots of promises but never fulfill them. i think, it works like a Honeypot, where it attracts would be magicians with Powerful visions, phenomena & promises of mysteries. But in reality the Enochian system & its forces use this lure or glamour to infiltrate the life and magickal world of the magichian. Then influence and utilize the magician to forward their own agenda. Ultimately the magician found himself in an endless maze of Visions & voices with little practical value. 

Theoretically also, i had found the Enochian system is intimidating and boring. Honestly speaking, with all those endless block charts it is really a pain for the eyes.

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Goetia sigils system with Enns. I ask nothing else from life :slight_smile:
It’s cool, simple and so vampiric. Love it.

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Enochian magick, as a system, isn’t too different from other systems of magick involving evoking and invoking spiritual forces to the Will of the Magician. In my experience, it’s much more powerful when comparing them more widely used systems involving planetary and elemental magick which those two, at least to me, seemed more subtle. It always felt like a supercharged effect that persists for several days on end.

The best part about magical systems is that you can use them for whatever you wish. If you’re making a sigil (I prefer the terms talisman and amulets) then you could just place elemental, planetary and angelic names on a shape or item that fits whichever your goal is. Money would be to Jupiter, so it can be a four-sided piece of paper with those same inscriptions on it, although alongside the Hebrew names of the angelic governor, you have Enochian, based around the Sigillum Dei Aemeth, with either the God name associated with it or with the planetary name along with a break down of certain angelic names that are assigned to the Sephira on the Tree of Life. That break down of the angelic names provides with more precision in terms of your goal and with the ordering of the universe (to a certain extant).

But aside from all that, it just depends on what your goals are. Some of the enochian calls, like the Table of Union, do invoke elementary forces (Fire, Water, Air, Earth) because those are the “lowest” forms of creation. By lowest I mean primal, as that is their essence that have qualities and conditions but do not have form in the physical world just yet and are more etheric.

Those visions are part of the mystical experience of becoming spiritually purified through magical means and harmonizing yourself with elementary forces (as a beginning step) so that you’re not off-balance. You should be able to acquire the knowledge of what is Earth (stable, placid) along with Air (mutable, changing) without them directing you. That’s really the basis, to some extant, of white magick but for grey magickal purposes and black magick (depending on how you define those terms) you could also use elemental powers but making an amulet/talisman/sigil for knowledge of how to shred the guitar at a much faster rate than learning without magickal means- which is usually why most people pick up magick. Again, the key is what your goals are.

There’s other books that go hand-in-hand with elemental and planetary forces that aid in that quest too so feel free to peruse around. I’m not entirely sure about summonings though as I’m not adept at that- I just never did so for any reason.

I felt the same way about the visions and storms I’ve seen but I now think that is it rather misleading to assume that’s all those Enochian forces do since those are just excerpts. Most of those visions happen randomly and people are rather skeptical when seeing those things. It makes sense, Enochian magick didn’t really come about the first time Dee made contact with the spirits, as it proved illusionary in the beginning.

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The Enochian system is incredibly powerful in my experience…and one needn’t worry about the religious context in which it was delivered… Regardless of what one thinks of Dee and the entities involved in it’s transmission, the many layers can be delved into. You can come from a Dee purist angle, or any other, as many systems have got ahold of it and incorporated part into their own systems… You can also strip out all religious tones and see it for the quantum supercomputer it is… There are endless ways this system can be used.

I wrote a thread on Enochian Magick a while ago, yet it didn’t receive much response, sadly… Feel free to look if interestsed. Check out Ophanic Revelation by Vincent Bridges for a very unique take on the system, found on lulu.com.

Personally I have much energies present when working this system, and one need not do it traditionally to get benefit… I also found that seeing different aspects of system as 3/4D structures…and how the language is related to geometry and DNA…

Enochian Vision Magick and Enochian Grimoire are good books IMO, as it breaks things down fairly well and explains different part of system and how they relate to eachother. And it does, as mentioned before, depend on what you are aiming for. If you want quick and easy? Then you may be disappointed. If you want a cosmic puzzle to ponder and work with? Good. :wink:

IMO many people approach it with little understanding or scope, as they only see the surface trappings it was delivered in, or they see the complexity of it and get turned off. It doens’t have to be complicated for things to happen. It is as simple or elaborate as you make it.


The thing about the books is that the authors spend a lot of time hashing out theory so by the time they get to the meat of the subject the reader is exhausted.

Dee and Kelly were interesting fellows but holy crap I don’t care what they had for breakfast the morning before their first conjuration!

That being said, practical Emochian is nothing to sneeze at. Michael seems to be the gatekeeper so I’d ask him.

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Also, Enochian Magick can be used as a template… See what happens by replacing every angel on Sigillum with Demons…or the Old Ones… The Sigillum is powerful geometrically even blank…there is something to the geometry set up, regardless of names used… THAT is the underlying thing I want to get at…
I agree the original diaries also were filled with things that didn’t seem to apply, yet were part of Dee’s life…


Here are two links to a site that has lots of info on many different things…it’s like wondering down the rabbit hole…So. Many. Links…

But two of interest to this topic, and other ways to consider the enochian system:

There are other things on his pages, yet he has some interesting perspectives.


Thanks for your opinions, recently i had also came across a Text on Infernal Enochian Magick Named “Ordines Descendens” it is completely devoted to workings with Demons within Enochian Systems. The book claimed to be authored by Dr. John Dee !

Wow! would be very interested in getting my hands on a copy… :slight_smile: Thanks!

Wow! would be very interested in getting my hands on a copy... :) Thanks!

Here is the front page of Ordines Descendens

I have found Aaron Leitch’s works to be more comprehensive in the aspect of practical application based on his exhaustive research than others on the subject.

Also his text Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires gives some insight into the history of how such works were used, and how you might adapt some of the techniques.

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I have watched / listened to many videos featuring Vincent Bridges presenting information on Enochian Magick, sacred geometry, and alchemy. And have always learned a lot!