Enns for Mastering Evocation Spirits

Hi all
Are there any enns for any of the Spirits andAngels found in the Mastering Evocation companion ebook?
I’d be much obliged for any enns for any or all of them.

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No… There are NO enns given in the companion ebook as far as I remember!

Yes, I know; that is why I asked if they were given somewhere else.

All of the spirits in the workbook are from Kingdoms of Flame and The Book of Azazel (except, of course, the Archangels and Elemenral Kings).They do not have any demonic enns associated with them.

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What they said.However,that course features an evocations of demons such as Beelzebub and Belial and Azazel,who’s enns you can find there.


She did.I just provided her with a list of enns.

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Arcane, in the list you gave me here, which I thank you for, there is a spirit in it called Mesphito.
However, I have never heard of this spirit, but I know of Mephistopheles, who is sometimes called Mephisto.
Could there be a vocabulary mistake in writing the name, or is there really a different Spirit called Mesphito?
If so, do you know about it? Or is there anyone on this forum who has has anything to do, any interaction whatsoever with such a Spirit? I’d be most grateful for any information on this matter.

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I definitely and strongly recommend against assuming spirits with more or less the same letters are the same, I have two entities in my life whose names are similar except for one letter and they’re nothing alike, I think that kind of idea they should be stems from reductionist thinking that all spirits must correlate to astrology, or the X number of names of “god” given in one cult’s way of thinking, or elements, etc., trying to boil everything down to an almost fanatical degree.

I think maybe with angels and the higest and least self-willed emanations of Source, there’s a case for the syllables used representing their power, but the lower “down” the chain you get into individuated consciousness and free will, the less it seems to correlate.

There may be other people on here with the same name as you, but how would you feel if everyone just assumed you were one person?

Even if (as my sweetie believes) spirits are archetypes from the shared subconscious, or that they’re all masks of the same being/s, it still makes sense to address tham as they asked, for example some people can call me “Eva,” some call me “Miss (Surname)” and a very select number of people have been allowed to call me “sweetheart” or “daughter” - or “Pussycat”! :wink:

I would NOT be pleased to have any of those used out of context, though, or someone trying to be crafty thinking they can use any title to get an edge.

This is just my opinion as a hard polytheist, obviously! :slight_smile:

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Under most circumstances,I’d agree with Evangeline(that’s one name you missed),however,in this particular case,Milla,I’d say to Mephisto is Mephistopheles.

I say this,because when looking up Mephisto,the only thing that pops up is Mephistopheles.Wherever you go,Mephisto seems to be a simpler name for this entity who have a hard time spelling it.

There is no information,anywhere on an entity named Mephisto.And all of the information you do find,redirects to Mephistopheles.

If you are at the point of the course,where you need to summon Mephistopheles,than congrats for working your way that far!

There is a sigil of Mephistopheles in the workbook,open it,and find out for yourself.This would also help make contacts before the evocation.

I’ve only summoned this entity ONCE.I consider it impolite to call him up,asking him about the whole Mephisto thing and banishing him.Those kinds of things,I can do with entites close to me(my ancestors,Belial,Paimon,Thoth,Hekate,etc.) but not to an entity I’ve summoned once in my life.

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