Enlightenment and empowerment

I want to experience the magnanimity of Lucifer. I have a strong hunch that He is kind and magnanimous. I seek for His guidance… the bringer of light.

Okay…so what is the reason for this post?

You’re not asking a question, or describing an experience, you are just making a statement so, right now, this serves no purpose.


How can I get close to Lord Lucifer?. It’s been a few days that I have been feeling a close connection with Him. There is a prayer that I have been offering to Him daily. As I am just a beginner, please guide me to connect to Him on a personal level. I can feel His presence, but, it’s on and off. At times I strongly feel that He is somewhere around and the next moment He is gone. If I meditate to improve my astral sense, what should I be focusing on when I am meditating?..shall I think about Lord Lucifer?

There is tons of information on the forum about getting close to lucifer if you search it. I should know. At least half my searches involve him lol. @C.Kendall has some amazing write ups on how to get close to Lucifer. I would link it but I’m still new myself and haven’t learned that yet lol. Seriously check the search button out. There is a wealth of information.


So sounds like your already building a connection.

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Highly appreciate it Strylyn

Yes I think I am on the right path to know Lord Lucifer on a more personal level. I will keep sharing my experiences with my fellow members in times to come.

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Lord Lucifer pays a visit to you when you least expect it… I feel, again my personal opinion of course… but He tests you before He reaches out to you. Lucifer had to go through a lot of betrayals, deceit and abandonment Himself… so trust doesn’t come to Him easily… just that is how I feel…

I did not have an experience back then to share… I am not a believer but a seeker. I only believe what I see… It was 3 am in the morning when I called out to Him as if it was the end of the world… ever since I have been waking up exactly at 3 am…a little before that to be precise… I am the care giver of my terminally ill father… whenever I close my eyes I see his silhouette for about a few seconds then He is gone…