Enlightenment and death

Hello I have a concern of mine and it’s death after enlightenment…

I’m on the path to sudden enlightenment and I’ve heard multiple gurus say that if you take the path of sudden enlightenment you may die … I’m practicing the technique of pretending that everything is an illusion or dream… it penetrates your sleep and if I am able to keep pushing that it is a dream and illusion for 24 hours every second of the day then it’s possible I will achieve it

I was wondering if it possible to dodge death after sudden enlightenment

I’m mainly asking because I still want to do magick when I’m done with the technique. I really want to work with azazel and I don’t want to leave my family behind…

In my opinion, I don’t think the gurus are referring to actual physical death, but to ego death, the death of the small self.

Enlightenment, even sudden enlightenment, aka subitism, is not a one and done kind of thing, it is still a process of unfolding.


You can’t avoid the physical body dying at some point. Outside of that, there is only life. What we call physical death, is, in a spiritual sense, a transitioning to the next level of life. I honestly don’t believe that sudden enlightenment is going to kill you. :slight_smile: As DK says, it’s more likely to be a case of the small or false “you” dying.