Enki Evocation

Is it really possible to evoke enki ? Cause I was looking in many corners of sources for his sigil around the internet I have found nothing nor in this forum now is anyone here successfully evoke enki? Is anyone here know what’s the basic method to evoke him I don’t usually have its sigil.

Yes you can,but not sure if v.k jehanum have a mantra,spell,ritual for him. I eember tat work whit him I’m the Sumeria pantheon,you have to call Marduk .kind like open the Way, and go from there,try s.rob in Amazon if see he has anything,I know Carl Nagel on black rites of the sumerians have some parts and rituals,

Marduk indna Ishtar etc,are on it .update us if you find something else.

I’ve evoked Enki before multiple times

I’ve even used just an invoking pentagram for it too, or even just chanting his name in the astral plane, it’s not hard, it works if you say it works

He’s taught me many things as well even worked on my third eye and my magick so I wouldn’t overthink it because then you’re already creating a block in your consciousness that keeps you from connecting with the spirit

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I haven’t tried to evoke enki in astral plane because I don’t have any experience yet with astral projection and also I am novice in evocation but looking forward to work with enki to develop or to open my third eye.

I was amazed on what you describe on a particular thread that you work with him to remove the blockage on the process of third eye awakening so I am inspired to work first in behalf of all the spirit I discovered who could be helpful with awakening but I choose enki.

Now I wanna know if the invoking pentagram you referring are the invoking pentagram use by the adept in golden dawn because I found the method of invoking pentagram in aleister crowley’s book?

Well Enki is a really advanced spirit, I see him as the master sorcerer that taught humans all magick because his knowledge is truly supreme and very down to the core of existence itself where you understand the mechanics of energy and magick with the bodily dimensions

If you have trouble connecting with spirits I’d start with meditation as your main practice

My work with Enki has been strictly through meditation even when doing ritual, I perform the ritual then meditate and let the energy settle into my subtle bodies and eventually my physical body and my conscious mind with a slight letting go or trance if you will

Id practice things like breath control, astral self possession which is done with intent, microcosmic orbit etc. these things along with meditation will naturally open up your channels but I’ve noticed erect spine meditations help with raising consciousness to the point where it allows clearer spirit communication, I summoned Lucifer and Enki simply by chanting their name once each and I was able to see them and talk to them within 3 minutes with an erect spine meditation

You just need to have a better connection with the astral light which you can do by breathing it tbh and using breath control which will store the energy into your body and essentially attune you to those bandwidths


How could I meditate with enki or any spirit does it really mean I have to chant their names and or by gazing at the sigil would enable me into a trance state ?

Well, sigils definitly work, but I like meditation more

I use an invoking earth pentagram and just meditate

the trance state is like a muscle you kinda have to work it out. you just kinda have to let go physically and mentally like youre half asleep…

you work with any spirit through meditation