Energy work thread

This thread is going to be for any techniques, cheats, tips, tricks, and entities that you use for developing, strengthening, and exploring the energetic body. Particularly the 7 chakras(or however many you work with), and please note the sensations that this causes. This can be anything from an incense you light before meditation, to audio tools, to hand mudras, to mantras, to visualization techniques, to herbs you make into tea. It doesn’t matter so long as it’s effective.

Most of my shit right now is based off robert bruce’s Tactile imaging concept, with a little bit of visualization thrown in, I’m about to start throwing entities into the mix soon, and when i have the money, I’m going to try to get access to the site listed below, because his freebies on youtube are effective. I’m making progress but I need something more.

also if you know anything that can speed up a kundalini awakening let me know.

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Can you post a link to his YouTube channel?

this is the first video I came across a while ago, and it caused my groin to literally feel like it was burning(in a non std manner lol). listen with headphones.

This is what I used to finally open my third eye.

Heres the second one lol

I like to use Jason Miller’s “The Universal Center” exercise.

He mentions doing it with your heart but I’ve found it works anywhere you want to focus all the energy in your body on.

Make a fist with your left hand and place it in front of the energy center you wish to focus on.

Then take your right hand and squeeze your fist with about 5 pounds of pressure.

You’ll feel the energy in you rush straight to your point of choice.

Then imagine as if everything in the cosmos is revolving around that point.

Take a deep breath,hold it for a few seconds,then exhale.

Vibrating a godname also makes a pretty big difference as well.

You will then notice a massive amount of energy in your chosen point.

I’ve been doing this with my third eye and among other things it’s making my astral vision improve.

Travel through them, push your consciousness into ANY aspect of your own energy body or anything a spirit does to or for you - don’t just sit back, popcorn in hand, waiting for wonders to unveil - LEAP in, push your mind into them, and ideally have like a voice recorder or tape deck so you can narrate what happens, because memory alone won’t do the trick.

That’s my best advice - so many people see stuff, but won’t PUSH and get the goodies, and they fear “mental masturbation” so much they become the prosecutors of their own experience.

Ask for RESULTS - something physical, tangible, you can measure, and stop doubting or fearing once you have one of more of those results, because your own body is, in a lot of weird ways I can’t summarise, a model of the very universe, and things you travel or enact through it will be weirdly powerful.

This one is truly remarkable as well. It has improved my ability to remain calm, considering I suffer form ADD. It is truly awakening.

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Holy crap Icarus try this stuff out! its great for the Root Chakra

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