Energy work/ tantric brute grimoire

really could find a place to put this. Suprised there isnt a sub forum on this topic by now.

Meditation and energy work is really important in my practice. Not too many people expand upon this subject anymore. Doing this has opened doors into kundalini and can lead to vampirism and astral travel and whatever else I may be forgetting.

There is some good books out there. Im really into robert bruce’s work and carlos casteneda. I found the Tantric Brute Grimoire a while back I havent had the chance to read it yet. Im not a voodoo practicioner and it seems geared towards backside of the tree of life and voodoo. Not that im against it, I just never had a proper introduction to either subjects other than tantra.

So if anyone would like to discuss these topics in depth I am more than willing. Also feel free to pm me or leave it here if there is something you would like to share. The floor is yours.