Energy work talismans

Do any of you use any talisman in all your energy work?
Like, a ring or something that you use to help focusing energy?
Also, which hand (or part of the body) do you prefer to work wit energy?

I’m thinking in using a watch as a talisman to help build energy, but I’m right handed. You think it’s ok to do that while wearing it on the left wrist? Or should I use a ring?

Personally I am starting to focus my energy on a tiger’s eye amulette I have that I am hoping to use as my link with King Paimon, by I am also focus my energy on a ring given to me by my belated brother.

I am a right handed and always felt power and energy on my right hand, however my left leg and hand are more sensitive to changes in energy and my leg would twitch or shake immediately after something has changed.

Just feel your body and understand it, and do whatever feels right to you.

Which hand do you wear your ring? I feel that my right hand is better at gathering and directing energy. That’s why I’m thinking on wearing my watch in my right wrist. What you think?

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Right hand, let it be then on your Right hand, you can also put it on the right hand when performing your rituals :wink: and then put it back where it was. Again, whatever makes you feel more confident and comfortable

First thing, trust your instincts. They more often than not will know what will benefit you with spiritual work than the conscious mind will in my experience.

That being said if you want to take a more targeted approach to talismanic working it is best to research various forms of it.

The hermetic writings
How to Make and Use Talismans: Israel Regardie is a fairly simple intro text as far as the subject goes. The golden dawn has their own literature on the subject as well, same with alastor crowley but his stuff can be a bit of a maze to work through if you are new to things.

On the vedic side learning how vedic astrology and gemstones are related is another relate topic to talismans. Generally the stone selected it connected to your Dharma devvatta so it benefits you on an unconscious level but I’m sure there are other who have explored other options.

As for norse taking one of the runes and carving upon a small item you can carry or wear to use as a meditative focus while chanting it’s galdr is another avenue to explore.

There are also the hermetic planetary talismans made from the various square formula is you want to dig into a more technical aspect of it. Same with elemental talismans.

The simple way is to figure out what you need a talisman for, if you are already working with a tradition figure out what energies align with the goal and anchor those energies in a physical vessel that can saturate the aura over and be projected into the life experience over time.

The methods differ but the general end goals are similar.


Do you think you would have the same results if you used your ring in your left hand?

I would think it’s better to get a tuning fork of frequency 528 hz. Use it to balance your energy and for food and water cleanse. IT change the vibration to be positive. Eating positive energy food helps your energy. It’s one of the easiest way to up your energy. And then you can energy train to condition body. Clearing out negative energy first before practice like tai chi/ yoga helps your develop skills. Relying on ring is too passive. You want to learn to build energy with your mind/ body / will/ spirit. Tuning fork are very useful to help with the 528 frequency. Not just any frequency. And it’s a tool for life.

When you do energy work, directed by your left hand for some reason, do you feel that it’s harder to do?
Also, when using your ring (which you wear in your right hand) to focus energy how do you do it?
Do you channel it from the ring to the hand? If so, do you use your body as a way or through the air?

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Yes it’s harder for me,

I just picture and channel all of it in my palm and touch my objects that need that.

I see. I meant when you are doing energy work with your left hand on the second question. For the energy to flow from the ring to the left hand.

aaa, well I take off the ring to balance it all out

You take out the ring when you need to work with energy with your left hand? Wouldn’t that be worse than having it in you right hand?
I mean it is a talisman to help energy work, afterall.

I have talismans I generally use , the experiment was to link them to several spirits