Energy work for beginners

What is the best way/book to learn to work with energy?


I would say begin meditating daily having a puspose in mind

Also candle work is an introductory way to begin to work with focus and intent . You can make the candles yourself which I would recommend ( there’s an easy way I will link here l8tr ) or you can dress the candle that you purchased at the store.

Those were the ones I started out with


Any particular meditation?


Check out the Quaerian meditations in their first apprentice module. You can download that free on their website (pdf).

Also check out John Kreiter’s works, specifically Vampire’s Way to Psychic Self-Defense and Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy. Both these books have helped me tremendously in my energy management work.

  • Meditation - cycle and cleanse your chakras. Become familiar with their feel.
  • Qi gong and Tai chi - excellent “standing meditations” that will allow you to quickly feel the flow of energy throughout your physical body, and outside of it.
  • Dance - I personally find this to be an amazing way to work with energy, pulling it in from the air, weaving it, and sending it back out.
  • A Circuit - if you have a magickally-inclined friend, there’s a simple exercise you can do that will familiarize you with your own energy and the difference between that and someone else’s energy.

Care to elaborate?


I would indeed.

The two participants sit across from each other. Extend your arms as though you are going to hold each others’ hands. Left palm down, right palm up. Leave a space between your hands (don’t make physical contact with your partner’s palms).

Pull in energy from your partner with the left hand, cycle it through your chest, push energy out to your partner with the right hand. Both participants do this.

You will become attuned to the flow of energy between you. Often, it will build to a rather intense sensation.

When y’all have had enough, press your palms together to break the Circuit.


This was the one I began with . I’ve always been drawn to Ganesh (there’s a temple for him close by) anyway, I liked this when I first began because the mantra has to do with removing obstacles. I would envision obstacles or blockages being removed from around me and a door being opened etc… I hope this helps because there are so many other ways. But it should be a daily practice no matter which practice you lean towards imo


Charles Cosimano has good ideas.

He’s practical.


look up tactile awareness that’s what I use

by Robert bruce