Energy Transfer and Merging-Benefits and Risks

So, this was the first time I had done this. My friend who has been extremely sick I sought out to help. she is by far means, not spiritual and definitely not into the occult but she cannot deny what I have told her before about when I visited her and described her room and her village in detail.

Essentially, I projected to her to help with the healing process. In doing so, I met up with her higher self and we arranged what was needed to be done to at least make her feel even slightly better. She in of herself told me she’s barely got any energy as is to move around and can barely walk to the bathroom.

As I stood there, looking over her body and feeling what parts were in pain I decided to siphon off my energy to give to her (risky move I know) but that wasn’t it in of itself.

As I kept giving this energy, seeing her chakras and feeling out what little I could do, the thought of merging our chakras came to me. This is one of the most intimate things to be doing in my opinion as you’re letting someone into your very being, into your kundalini spiral and me, I was on board with the idea but my issue is this.

It had to be consentual. Asking her higher-self “is this okay? Do you want this to happen?” and a simple “yes” was given to me.

We started from root chakra all the way up to our crown chakras. Merging our energies, I could feel a complete sync to her and when the meditation was over and I grounded myself again, I had embodied everything she was feeling and I’m not sure if she had felt better or not.

When you are doing anything similar, do keep in mind that although you are helping the other person, you are taking on everything that is ailing them. Any pain they feel you will take on and feel but you must realise as well, these feelings aren’t in control of you. You control them now so ultimately what I do as an empath, is feel what the other is feeling to understand and cast any of the pain aside and shake it off my body.

It was a weird but tremendous experience for me. Anyone else done anything similar?


Simply wow. :astonished:

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I’ve had limited success with a similar concept. Kind of a mixture of energy work vampirism and healing. The way I always visualise it is like a win win senario for me and the person needing healing, I don’t have much experience in chakra but by visually picturing a connection with our energy fields, then focusing on the hands as being akin to valves and connectors used for plumbing. After going over and location the source of the pain or negative energy, attach your hands and the energy field around them to the persons energy field. Then shift your focus to isolate (usually I just see it glowing slightly brighter) the negative energy and then allow your connectors (your hands) to open and allow your energy to flow in the same manner as the persons. I’m fairly certain the next part isn’t for everyone but I prefer to have a designated section of my body to allow the negative energy to collect as it passes by. I envision it sort of like a magnet pulling particles out of flowing water. My choice was to allow the energy to typically collect in two specific vertabrae. At this point yoi could alter it in many ways to replace the energy taken from the person wether you want to use the earth, a diety, energy from crystals, it’s really up to you. While I work often in darker energies for this I intentionally use the most gentle and lightest energies I can. Once you’ve gathered all the negative energy and replaced the deficit, you can close the connectors by visualising them slowly closing, kind of like a gate that slowly closes from both sides and gently cuts off the flow. At this point the healing process is complete for the other person, but for you as the healer you now have the extra negative energy stored within you, and need to either transmute or release it, working with your own crystals or perhaps elements should work, I typically either send it off to mother Earth directly and thank her for her help or I would transfer it to other objects I wish to have that energy in, perhaps for later use in curses or necromancy. Sort of like a Magik version of the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle thing.

I’m still working on perfecting and adapting this, as I can see it. Being easy to modify for other uses. Let me know what you think