Energy on the temple floor

So since I got my UC when I do meditations and call to the spirits I see flashes of green lines on the temple floor.I posted a thread about this awhile back about the first time this happened it was actually my daughter who saw it when I was scrying to Mepsitahl…Now it’s happening frequently.But yesterday I was calling to Belial while doing circumbobulations sprinkling salt water that I consecrated for Belial to open the gateways for him to come through.As I rotated aroumd the circle green energy began to flash around the circle ahead of my footsteps.

Is there a reason the energy is always green or is this me just being in the TG sync?
I don’t think it’s the states I’m in being my 10 year old daughter saw it as well.

in terms of specifics (“green” in partic, and other aspects), the issue of “I don’t think it’s the states I’m in” seems to imply a seeing something altered from a mental-shift (which many magickal-Workings are only dealing at this lvl… many that aren’t actually affecting energy, but call it that, and some that are not “involving the local-enviro” in changes being Worked)…

 but in what you describe above, and most like sits, the "states" on is in, ties in your Energy (men-phy, blood-chem, radio-wave-em-field radiated ~ie aura... and Intention changing the actual Energy in the Enviro of that Room).. 
 espec if not once, but if consistent and focused (upon a stabilizer, like a UC)..    

so there might be a confusion of how a change is made (state and intent) and the result, that may endure (even spread-ripples) from that change

I wonder if/how any of that might resonate-reveal in your exper (possibilities to explore-test for?)

Well when I posted about my daughter seeing the energy someone said Mepsitahl.has a green/blue energy,but I’ve only tried to work with her once or twice.
I also see yellow energy floating around the house when I’m. not in the TG sync.
I’m constantly seeing the static rain even while not in an altered state.
My mother has always been pretty in tune with the spirit world.She’s even had phenomenon from rituals I’ve performed.
When I was living with her a few months back I did a ritual calling on the Archangels to protect our house,but only felt their presence.
The next day she asked me what ritual I performed and when I told her she said that when she was home alone in her bedroom she heard an angelic choir and said she felt very safe.
Has anyone else had this happen where it seems like you performed an uneventful ritual and someone else receives the phenomenon?
My mom is a christian but I’m starting to think I’ve inherited her connection to the spirit world.

Has anyone else had this happen where it seems like you performed an uneventful ritual and someone else receives the phenomenon? My mom is a christian but I'm starting to think I've inherited her connection to the spirit world.

Actually a friend did a ritual for my mom yesterday, she’s very ill and in critical condition. He did a healing ritual and told me what time he did it, the same time he was performing the ritual I got a message from my sister telling me she was breathing on her own again and off a lot of the medications. She’s not better yet but a vast improvement as she was touch and go for a few days.

Sorry to hear about your mom TWF. Hope she’s ok.

I’m glad your mom is starting to recover TWF.Hopfully she makes a full recovery

Much appreciated, I think she’ll be ok she’s getting stronger so I’m staying positive. We use to joke around that she’d live forever because evil never dies.

Haha if that’s true my mom must be immortal .Not to mention all us diabolical black majicians.


You could also be seing the aura of the inscription on the circle. The auras of colours take on the colours of their complementary colours so to speak. So in the case of a red inscription, its aura is green.

Redice have you seen this aura? I would think more people would be mentioning this.

I read a post where steve said when he evoked Malzaz Hyroth his UC started to glow blue.
I don’t know much about the color definitions of auras.What does a green one mean?

I can generally see the aura around any object or surface that I look at for more than a couple of seconds. Just like everybody who has trained himself to see auras.
As for the meaning of the colour, I’m not really sure if you can transfer the meaning of the colour green in a human aura to the inscription on the circle. I’m well aware that the circle and the statement are “alive” in a sense. But if we follow my suggestion, what you’re seeing is the complementary colour of a surface that emits, or more acurately reflects, particles at a certain frequency that our brains identify as “red”.
Besides that, there is a good part of subjective perception at play when you read an aura. So relying on your intuition should be the best way to go here.

Everytime I see the auravI get the feeling that either the energy of the ritual is increasing or spirits are parting the veil between the worlds to enter this plane.

How did you train yourself to see auras?And are there any online references to their meanings?

I don’t want to argue with your experience. After all it’s you who is having these visions. I’m just trying to give another viewpoint.
Seing auras is actually very easy. You can start by looking at people and objects in front of a white background. Then look past the person or the object as if you’re looking through them.
Online references on the meaning of aura coulours, hmmmm…
I remember hearing that a book from the 19th century in which the aura is described became pretty much a standard in the western world. I’d guess it’s written by Manly P. Hall, I could be very wrong here though.

Robert Bruce has an indepth duscussion about training yourself to see auras. EA has interviewed Robert Bruce.