Energy of Inanimate Objects

I am curious about psychic energy in inanimate objects. I apologize if this has already been covered many times over, but a search didn’t reveal quite what I was looking for.

I’m particularly interested in residual energy in buildings, especially those where various rites and rituals have been held, whether those rites involve magick or not. Example: churches, lodge buildings, temples, etc.

Confession: I’m an old weirdo who goes around touching the pavement of streets, feeling up buildings, and generally putting my hands where most people don’t, or won’t.

I used to live near an old Masonic lodge building. That building, at least to my deranged mind, put out crazy amounts of energy. I would touch it every time I walked by, and felt energized as a result. I can put my hand on a street corner, right on the pavement or curb, and feel like I’m somehow connected to the people who’ve walked there over time.

Some buildings, to me, don’t have much energy at all, while others call out to me like a beacon. I’m in a Masonic affiliated group, but the lodge where I currently do my thing doesn’t seem to have much energy. The local synagogue has it, and the Episcopal Church has it, and a ruined old storefront I very nearly purchased has it like crazy.

I know that people speak of energy in crystals, and I used to feel it within a certain citrine crystal, as well as in various pieces of jewelry I’ve snagged at estate sales. Also, when I was being taught some hoodoo workings as a teenager, I was told to never, ever touch another person’s mojo bag, and never let them touch mine. Touching it screws up the energy somehow. I don’t touch people’s magical or religious artifacts, unless they invite me to. I neither want to mess up the energy of their objects, nor be the recipient of a kick to the crotch.

Anyhow, am I ready for padded cell, or is there something to this? Do you find energy in objects (those that weren’t charged in an intentional magical rite), as well as in people, animals and entities, or is it just me being weird again?


Hiya OP! There’s nothing weird about this, especially the part where you feel connected to the people who were there- you’ve got psychometric talent! It’s where you can perceive the energetic flows, as well as memories and events, of environments and people through the sense of touch, though those two things usually take conscious effort/practice to pull off! :slight_smile:

If you want to try and practice this, get a map of your local area, and mark out the locations you feel the most power coming from. Usually, there will be power flows you can find in nature or civilization that you can follow that run between these power spots. When you’ve mapped out the local power spots/paths, you’ve found the natural sigil of your locality, which can be used in conjunction with any magical work done there to strengthen and anchor it! :slight_smile:


Wow! Thanks so much for this info. I’m not familiar with the term “psychometric,” but now, I’ll have to research it. I always figured that I was about a psychic as a turnip, but I do have a sense of the energy of objects, with a special focus on buildings. My spouse is actually far better at it than I am, and won’t enter certain buildings because there’s just too much psychic noise. Anyway, thanks so much for this great suggestion, and I’m looking forward to trying it!


The field itself is called psychometry! If you can use this ability in your imagination too, like getting the energy/flows off visualized objects and places, that is called ‘tactile visualization’ and is one of the key steps to other-body travel! :slight_smile:


Well, I’ve learned a new word! I really do learn new things every day on this site. I like the idea of tactile visualization a lot. I’ll have to give it a try.